True Change Comes Not from the White House, but from Your House and Mine

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KILLary … HELLary … Hitlery … HilLIARy … HilWARy … HilLOLary … HillaCRY.

If nothing else, you sure can have fun with her name.

Seriously, though, no matter who wins, this country is oh so screwed.

Many millions will worship the next liar/thief/killer-in-chief and millions of others will act as if all the world’s problems would be solved if we just didn’t have *THAT* scumbag in the White House.prince of darkness

A small minority – the remnant? – will realize that maintaining life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are the duties of the individual. Only a few will act on this responsibility.

It has been said that “everybody wants to be a gangsta until it’s time to do gangsta s___.” Likewise, many say they want liberty until it’s time to actually do liberty stuff.

A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook about a bill that was pending in the Colorado legislature that would have banned red light cameras in Colorado. I posted not only the text of the three page bill, but also a cut-and-paste list of the email addresses of the state representatives on the committee responsible for moving this bill forward.

The post got two “likes” and two comments.

How many people actually took just a few minutes to act on behalf of restoring just a small fraction of the massive amount of personal liberty that has been lost – or should I say given away? – in this country? I could probably count them on one hand.

Oh, but that’s little stuff, you say. If you don’t stand up on the little stuff, don’t complain to me about the big stuff as it is exactly what you deserve.

If you won’t take just a few minutes away from moaning and groaning about ________ or promoting _________ to the Holy Trinity, to actually DO something, how serious can you truly be about your liberty?

change tolstoy azquotes

And, yes, I devoted considerable time and energy in 2008 and 2012 toward the presidential candidacy of Ron Paul. His candidacy was unique as he had an impeccable 20-plus year record as a congressman of voting for severely limited constitutional government.

And until they changed the rules at the last minute in 2012, Ron Paul was fully eligible to have his name entered into the nominating process at the convention in Tampa. But, no, the GOP establishment had to have socialist warmonger Romney. And millions actually thought that the guy who brought government-run health care to the most notoriously liberal state in the country was actually the polar opposite of Obama. They are just as gullible as those who thought Obama was going to give us free healthcare.

The game is rigged and has been for the better part of a century. And the American people remain in total denial.

Presidents were never supposed to be “great”. They weren’t even really supposed to “lead”. If anything, the president, according to the Constitution, was supposed to be our national umpire calling balls and strikes on the bills that congress sent his way.

And under the Articles of Confederation, the president had no enumerated duties other than to “preside” over the congress. A school class president has as much power. He was elected by congress to a one-year term and could not serve more than one term in any three-year period. This model is superior.

“Put me in charge and I’ll fix things!” This is the rhetoric of an aspiring dictator and not of a president. And if you think “fixing things” means one thing, there are millions of other people who have a different idea of what “fixing things” would look like. And it just might mean “going after” you and your demographic, whatever that might be.who wants change

In the Old Testament – I Samuel 8:4-20 – the children of Israel, who had until that point been without a king, clamored for one. God said, in effect, I’ll let you have your king, but you’ll be sorry you ever asked for one.

Near the end of the Bible, in Revelation 13, we read of a leader of a one-world government who is worshipped the world over. We are witnessing what I call the Great Ramp-Up to this scenario in American right now. Who remembers how so many Christians just went GOOGLY over Dubya all because he uttered one thing about Jesus one time on the campaign trail?

North Korean people have to believe lies. American people don’t just want to believe lies, they are absolutely desperate to believe lies. And until enough people truly change, things will continue to get worse in America.

The problem is not in the White House, but rather in your house and my house. And true change comes not from the White House, but from your house and my house.


Seriously, I laugh that people are debating and brawling over the validity of a National Enquirer article about possible affairs of someone’s personal life. All of a sudden people have found a new, superior, moral indignation. (Disclaimer – I don’t support any of the clowns related to this s**t show or the duopoly)

I cry and my heart breaks for my fellow citizens because the issues of our Republic are deeper and wider than the election of one executive.

Focus on yourself, your community, your fellow man. If you must, work on local campaigns, city, county, school board, state and congressional races.

If you are focused on a single jurisdiction and electing one person, welcome to North Korea. 

~ Michael Stapleton on Facebook


Excellent article on how political strategists use anger and fear to keep thinking that voting actually means something. People have no idea how badly they are being manipulated.

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My name is Doug Newman. I live in Aurora, Colorado, just outside Denver. Food for the Thinkers is mostly about the connection between Christianity and libertarianism. Most Christians do not understand libertarianism. And most libertarians do not understand Christianity. Hopefully, this blog helps clear up those misunderstanding. Check out my old page at And remember: When you let people do whatever they want, you get Woodstock. But when you let governments do whatever they want, you get Auschwitz.
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1 Response to True Change Comes Not from the White House, but from Your House and Mine

  1. Ronald J Johnson says:

    I have struggled for years to put down on paper a statement of who we are. No particular term can describe us because anyone can call themselves “libertarian” and espouse things that I do not wish to be associated with. So I came up with this statement:

    “We are beholden to no man, party, group or dogma. We have no organization, no hierarchy, no dues, no banners or symbols. We have no name. We tolerate no leaders in place of our own judgement.
    We hold a vision: that all humanity is equally free, to live and work and exchange as equals without force or fraud. We reject the notion that any man has first right to our lives and property. We act to preserve life no matter how exalted or humble, and to protect property no matter how extensive or meager. We reject money stolen or taxed from others. We refuse to pursue or exercise power over others.
    We would rather be robbed than steal from rightful owners, suffer injury than injure the innocent, die than kill the peaceful. We never commit the first act of violence, though we may use force to defend against acts of violence. We are not pacifist; we are judicious. The way we live our lives makes our vision a reality. Know us by our actions.
    We keep the works of free thinkers who came before us. We are the disseminators of their ideas, and if need be, their secret protectors for posterity. We understand that ideas, not armies, rule the world. We understand rulers fear us.
    Our way brings a moral wealth and a richness of spirit. We stand upon solid ethical ground, not undermined by the decay of hypocrisy. Our peaceful inner life is our reward. Our character is our trademark.
    We change the world for the better with each act of virtue.
    You may wish to join us. Be confident. We are here.
    We will know you by your actions.”

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