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This Canadian Convoy Isn’t Just About Truckers

Author: Anonymous This Convoy is not just for the truckers’ mandates. It’s for the 30 million people that Trudeau’s government approved to be spied on on their cell phones. It’s for the family members banned from visiting family in nursing … Continue reading

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Parker Bible Church’s Biblical Basis for Remaining Open

The first people who should have fought hardest and loudest against the Covid fearmongering should have been Christian pastors. God does not give us a spirit of fear – II Timothy 1:7. Christians are to be light in a world … Continue reading

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CDC Director: 75% of Covid Deaths Had 4 Comorbidities

By Doug Newman.Here I am on Facebook.If you would like to post this elsewhere, please link to this URL. Thanks! The narrative continues to unravel. So 834,000 is lowered to 208,000, or 104,000 per year. And of those 104,000, how … Continue reading

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376 Ways that Masks are Bad for You

By Allen Stevo When natural inhaling & exhaling are interrupted, bad things happen. Lots of bad things happen.

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