Is Your Mask Giving You Lung Cancer?

I almost never wear a mask for a variety of reasons. Among these is the PTSD I contracted after receiving a death threat in 2018. It had been almost totally dormant for over 2 years until this past August, when wearing a face diaper for just a few minutes prompted 2 attacks.

I had known about mask rash, mask mouth, hypoxia, headaches, difficulty breathing and the dangers of inhaling one’s own CO2. Now, the long-time editor of the trade journal Hazmat Management says that frequent and prolonged mask wearing can give a person lung cancer.

And while we are on the subject of hazmat, the following has been asked: why don’t aren’t there hazmat and biohazard bins everywhere so as to properly dispose of gloves and face diapers?

An elementary school in the Chicago suburb of Highwood.
Credit: CNN

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Yes, Trump Did a Lot to Spread COVID Fear

“The only thing worse than Trump is Biden” says Jon Rappaport at

Fauci and Birx: Lock Them Up! by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

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Why Don’t We Fight Cancer as Aggressively as COVID?

By Doug Newman – email me here.
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“We will not walk in fear, one of another.
We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason”.

~ Edward R. Murrow

One of the favorite guilt trips of COVID crusaders, when they have exhausted all others is “Well, if you knew someone who had died of COVID you’d wear a mask too.”

And you’d also support lockdowns, cancelling events, shutting down the economy, social distancing and all the rest of the flu d’etat.

My question to these people is: why don’t you treat every potential cause of illness or death this aggressively?

In a recent week, I lost two friends to cancer. One was more of an acquaintance, but she always seemed like a nice person. The other one was someone I sat next to in fifth grade. And even though we could not have been more different people, we had some great times together in the years that followed.

As I write this, 218,000 Americans have died with COVID. However, if these CDC numbers are accurate, only 6 percent – or 13,080 – have died from COVID alone. That means that, if you are otherwise healthy, you have less than a one in 25,000 chance of dying from COVID. And for this the entire fabric of American society has been radically, and perhaps irreparably, altered.

I’ve been saying it since March: the risk exists and the deaths are tragic. But the fear is criminally overblown.

The American Cancer Society predicts that over 606,000 Americans will die from various forms of cancer in 2020. We’ve known for decades that, while not contagious, perhaps a majority of cancer is behaviorally induced. So, with this in mind why don’t we outlaw tobacco, alcohol, processed foods and let’s limit sun exposure to 2 hours a day. And as obesity is a leading risk factor for cancer, let’s mandate a 3-mile run for everyone 5 days a week with no health exceptions such as bad knees or being in a wheelchair.

Would you want to live in such a society? Would you want your life nanomanaged to such an extent?

If you would slam the brakes on society to fight COVID, why not take similarly drastic measures to fight cancer and, for that matter, anything else that could potentially be fatal?

If the media incessantly bombarded you with graphic images of the mangled bodies of the 100-plus people killed in auto accidents on an average day in America, a great hue and cry would no doubt go forth to outlaw left turns and set a maximum national speed limit of 10 miles per hour. Indeed, many would demand that cars be outlawed altogether.

Think of the lives it would save!

And think of the economic devastation as well as the drop in life expectancy because the poorer people are the shorter their lives.

And if the war on COVID has been so necessary, why haven’t we shut society down for 90 days every year during flu season?

And if you are wearing a mask out of benevolence to keep others from getting sick, why don’t you just wear one for the rest of your life? Contagious diseases have been with us since the dawn of time and will always be with us.

And where did you get the idea that the key to health was goose-stepping along with whatever orders the government happened to be barking at the moment? Whatever happened to diet, exercise, supplementation, as well as healthy rewarding friendships and relationships?

I have one more question for you mask people out there: why weren’t you wearing a mask in March, April, and May, when COVID did 90 percent of its damage? I think I know: it’s because mayors and governors weren’t mandating them. Most of these mandates only came about after the death counts had dropped to a small fraction of their late-April peak.

COVID did what viruses do. It came, it did damage, and it has largely faded away. The curve did what all curves do: it flattened itself.

Three things have not gone away: the ability of the powers that be to scare the smack out of people, the urge of so many people in the halls of government as well as behind the neighborhood lunch counter to control others, and the willingness of people to believe whatever they think sounds good.

Centuries ago, men feared witches, so they burned women. After World War I, we feared Germans, so we outlawed beer and all other alcohol. During World War II, we feared Japanese, so we put them in internment camps.

In these times, we fear terrorists, so we permit the groping of crotches as a condition of travel. And people fear a disease with a 99.99 percent survival rate, so they demand a full-frontal assault on personal and economic liberty as well as human dignity.

Times, technology, and terminology change. And so, do the actors on the stage. But human nature and – I’ll just say it – human stupidity don’t change.

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Does This Explain All the Hostility?

Did Huxley foretell all the flu d’etat/BLM/Antifa bullying?

Thinking you are part of a righteous cause does not give you the right to be a pluperfect jerkazoid.

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“The Fact-Free COVID Dystopia”

One person called this a “mandatory vaccination against ignorance”.

This may be the single most devastating critique yet of the flu d’etat.

48 minutes of epic brilliance from Tom Woods.

Bookmark it. Make the time to watch it. Have your mind blown.

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The U.S. Will Break Up

Set aside 45 minutes to watch this interview with Doug Casey.

The left – i.e. the Mikey faction – hates everything.

The right won’t tolerate the new normal, BLM/Antifa, etc.

It won’t be just 2 countries, but several.

The map of the world is in a constant state of flux.

America is no exception.

Brace yourself for heavy rolls.

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Everyone Spreads Germs Everywhere Every Day

Credit: Change Starts With You Today on Facebook.

After grocery shopping, you’re at the checkout with your life-saving mask on.

You grab the box of Ho-Ho’s out of your cart that’s already been touched by 10 customers browsers plus the stock boy.

You throw the box of Ho-Ho’s on the conveyer belt that’s been in contact with a million other products touched by a million other customers.

The clerk, who’s touched a million products touched by a million people, swipes your box of Ho-Ho’s.

Then slides the Ho-Ho’s to the bag boy, who’s also touched a million products touched by a million people.

The second you leave the store, after touching the cart handle and countless other items at the store that a million other people have touched you use your nasty infected hands to rip that lifesaving mask off you grab the germ, disease, and virus ridden box of Ho-Ho’s, rip open the Ho-Ho packaging with your hands, and shove the entire thing into your mouth.

Mmm… it tastes so good, doesn’t it?!

After getting the black plague, you go to the bank and a bunch of other places, grab a door handle or three around town, and continue to repeat the process, like everyone else does.

But hey, at least you had your mask on. Ya know, the mask you haven’t washed or changed in a week

If you’re truly concerned about COVID, the best thing you can do is make sure your immune system is healthy and strong because trying to run and hide from it is pretty pointless and, I might add, slightly silly.

Be safe.

Be smart.

But most importantly…

Don’t be a sheep.

Turn off the TV… and use your brain.

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Has Politics Obliterated Your Soul?

All I can really tell you about Camille Paglia is that I disagree with her very often.

That said, iron sharpens iron. I don’t have to agree with a person all the time in order to learn from them or wish I said what they said first.

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What If Our Divisions Really Are Manufactured by Elites?

Thanks to Bill Chiappi on Facebook.

I don’t know if this is entymologically true or not, but it is worth pondering.

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How Many People Does Team Lockdown Want to Kill?

This episode of the Tom Woods Show was pulled from YouTube because of a “community standards” violation.

The guest is a man named Gret Glyer, who developed the philanthropy app called DonorSee. Early this year, he warned of the devastating effects that economic lockdowns would have on the Third World. He was right.

Just as a rising tide raises all boats, a lowering tide has a corresponding effect.

The results in countries like Malawi have been devastating.

Not everyone who objects to the Flu D’Etat is a selfish bastard who just wants a haircut and doesn’t care if they kill your grandma.

God doesn’t value the soul of a child who starves to death in Eritrea any less than He values the soul of an 83-year-old who dies in Scarsdale. (Acts 10:34)

Here is a link to the podcast.

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