Parker Bible Church’s Biblical Basis for Remaining Open

The first people who should have fought hardest and loudest against the Covid fearmongering should have been Christian pastors.

God does not give us a spirit of fear – II Timothy 1:7.

Christians are to be light in a world of darkness – Matthew 5:14-16.

What did the covid scare say other than the only hope you have is to do exactly what the governing authorities say? And if you so much as asked a question, you didn’t care about human life. As the governor of Colorado, where I live, put it, if you celebrated Thanksgiving with your family, you could be putting a gun at your grandmother’s head.

Tragically, the overwhelming majority of pastors went right along with this.

Here is the statement from one local church – about 30 minutes from my house – about their biblical basis for remaining open. I think I’ll check these folks out some Sunday.

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CDC Director: 75% of Covid Deaths Had 4 Comorbidities

By Doug Newman.
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The narrative continues to unravel.

So 834,000 is lowered to 208,000, or 104,000 per year.

And of those 104,000, how many had 2 or 3 comorbidities?

The CDC has said in the past that 94 percent of covid deaths had other comorbidities.

Six percent of 834,0000 is about 50,000, or 25,000 per year, or less than the flu in an average year.

The risk exists.

The deaths are tragic.

The fear has been criminally overblown.

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376 Ways that Masks are Bad for You

By Allen Stevo

When natural inhaling & exhaling are interrupted, bad things happen.

Lots of bad things happen.

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It’s Not “Just a Mask”

And it wasn’t just 15 days.

There are numerous, numerous reasons why scam rags are not just mere “inconveniences.”

Take 17 minutes and read this.

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PROOF that the V@k$een Works!

Trump says that it works. That proves it!

Not only that, but Duh Donald came up with all 3 of them.

I came up with a vaccine, with three vaccines. All are very, very good. Came up with three of them in less than nine months.”

Next, he’ll no doubt claim to have invented the wheel.

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Mr. Solzhenitsyn, Please Call Your Office

Depressingly large numbers of people do not want their pre-covid liberty back.

“We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more—we had no awareness of the real situation… We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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15 Jabs to Flatten the Curve

Fauci, whom someone called The Pharmaceutical Pharaoh, is now saying “We are now ready to start delivering variant-specific booster vaccines.”

Historically it has taken several years to develop a vaccine.

With Covid, you had a disease no one had ever heard of in February, 2020 and by October, 2020 they purported to have a safe and effective vaccine.

What’s this going to look like now? Will they discover, say, the Upsilon Variant in Suriname on a Monday and have a safe and effective jab ready by Friday?

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Alex Jones Declares War on Donald Trump


Duh Donald has pimped for the hokey pokey on several occasions since leaving office.

Alex Jones of Infowars has declared WAR on Trump if he keeps it up.

Credit where due.

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Covid Revealed

If you’re truly confident in the value of your beliefs, even if they are the wrong ones, you won’t even think of censoring, canceling, de-platforming, or otherwise suppressing opposing beliefs or those who voice them.

So why can’t you post this on any major social network?

It’s not like it’s dirty or racist or anything.

Click here to watch.

What a long strange 15 days it’s been.

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Trump Promotes the Covid Vaxxes

So why do liberals continue to hate him much?

And why are so many of his supporters so opposed to these vaxxes?

Here are 5 times he has promoted the covid vaxxes since leaving office.

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