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Which Occupiers Scare You More?

By Doug Newman This is not about which side you take regarding Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Denver or Occupy Big Belch, Arkansas. Some things ought to frighten you more. I saw this picture the other day of police dressed in … Continue reading

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Paterno, Clinton and Gingrich: Why Personal Morals Matter

By Doug Newman (If you are not a sports degenerate like I am, please bear with me for a few paragraphs.) It is such a shocking and tragic story in so many ways that no one knows where to begin. … Continue reading

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Jesus: Prince of Peace or God of War?

By Doug Newman Someone I like and respect made the following comment on Facebook the other evening: “I’m fairly silent about religion. Why? Because I’m not interested in taking the … liberties and lives, of drug dealers and pornographers. And, … Continue reading

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