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I Can’t Stand Democrat X, So I Am Voting for Republican Y

By Doug Newman – email me Follow me on Facebook. If you would like to publish this elsewhere, please just link to this URL. Thanks! I can’t stand Democrat X, so I am voting for Republican Y. I really like … Continue reading

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America’s “Tank Man”

Not my words, but those of William N. Grigg. Alejandro Natividad of Indio, California, is my new hero.

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Republican Liberty Caucus condemns Bob Beauprez’s false Promise

Originally posted on Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado:
Republican candidate for Governor, Bob Beauprez, is out with a new commercial claiming he will defend individual liberty and constitutional rights. Sadly, during his time in the US house of Representatives, Bob…

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[audio] Ex Porn Star Shelley Lubben on The Howard Stern Show: Porn Stars are Demon Possessed!

Originally posted on tobefree:
WARNING: Shelley puts it this way — The interview audio contains adult subject matter and language. Discretion is advised. But WOW, God sure showed up on the Howard Stern Show! “I have video footage of me…

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Fox’s Jeanine Pirro … and They Call Alex Jones Paranoid

This witch is perhaps the ultimate conspiracy kook. Watch this video of Fox’s Jeanine Pirro going off about ISIS.

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