North Korea: Conservative Paradise

By Les Riley – originally posted here – please do not re-post without linking here.

Great news!
I have found a place where they have:
— A strong military that is revered by all and given the central place in the government’s planning & budget.
— An understanding that immigration is a threat to both national security and the nation’s culture. They have effectively controlled the border and have security measures in place to the degree that they have a homogenous culture and a pure ethnicity.
— They are tough on crime and don’t put up with thugs, rabble rousers, dissidents or the like.
A very much “law and order” place where they lock up or quickly execute criminals
— Where disrespect for the police is not tolerated
— Where disrespect for the nation or its flag is not tolerated
— Where they have a “strong leader”
— Where they don’t have any GMO crops and where most of the food is grown by peasant farmers using natural and old fashioned methods

Where is this paradise?
Why NORTH KOREA of course.
(A number of Middle Eastern and other hell-on-earth dictatorships have many of these characteristics, too).

Sadly, there are many who consider themselves patriotic and conservative and who will blather about liberty & free markets when Democrats are proposing or enacting unconstitutional programs who then turn around and support politicians and ideas that would take our country in the direction of Kim Jong-un’s prison nation nightmare of North Korea.

 korea meme

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2 Responses to North Korea: Conservative Paradise

  1. floridaborne says:

    When I hear the same argument being made on both sides, it makes me wonder.

    There are as many types of conservatives as there are moderates and liberals. Conservatives look at B.O. as another Kim Jong-un. Liberals look at Bush as another Kim Jong-un.

    From what I’ve witnessed in the past several decades, there isn’t much of a difference between most of the so-called liberals and conservatives once they get into office.

    They don’t have any food in North Korea, either. Whether you’re liberal of conservative, it’s a great place for people to go who are looking for the perfect diet.

  2. M says:

    North Korea doesn’t have UNIVERSAL healthcare since not every North Korea has access to healthcare. Military service is mandatory which means that everybody will at some time have access to guns. If you want an example of a country with universal healthcare and strong gun control, you have Japan, a country with “libertarians” tend to love due to its low age of consent.

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