Pastor Calls for Martial Law to Get Rid of Obama

By Doug Newman
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As bad as Obama is – and, yes, he is quite terrible – DO NOT fall into the “anyone but Obama” trap. Be oh so careful what you ask for. And never forget that Christianity is not about ruling from the top down, but serving from the bottom up – Matthew 20:25-28.

Watch this video of televangelist Rick Joyner. At 1:30, he calls for a military takeover and martial law in order to get rid of Obama.

On a Facebook thread, MB in Texas had this to say: Wow, I’ve never seen a Christian ‘leader’ so ready to raise the white flag–and throw himself on the mercy of the military and the powers of man. What if the guy running the military coup is just as bad as the people he overthrows? What then? We’ve got to call on the name of Jesus. Live our lives in the power of the Holy Ghost and call on God to give the people of our nation repentance. The answer for our nation was always Christ and was never political.”

Even more troubling is that Joyner is not the first professing Christian to endorse martial law. Watch this video from a TV station in Shreveport, Louisiana about “clergy response teams”, whose express purpose is to “quell dissent” in the event of martial law.

Quell dissent? How about preaching hellfire and brimstone against a government that would even think of imposing martial law? See Ezekiel 33:1-6.

I wish I had more time to devote to this issue. People always like to cite Romans 13:1-7 as evidence that Christians are supposed to obey government unconditionally. This is hogwash. Read this article by Dave Daubenmire for a very extensive list of biblical examples of disobeying worldly authority. Also, see what Pastor Chuck Baldwin has to say about the Romans 13 trap.

Christianity was an outlaw religion for the first few centuries of its existence. Paul, who wrote Romans, wrote his letters to the Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Philemon from Roman jails. John wrote Revelation while in exile. Jesus Christ Himself was crucified on political charges – Luke 23:2.

Oh how I wish I had time right now to go into this in further detail.

boston martial law 5

But we HAD to get rid of Obama because he was, like, against the Constitution.


On a semi-related topic, I have to wonder how many Christians would actually welcome a military takeover of the U.S. government. Consider the idolatry with which so many view the military.

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3 Responses to Pastor Calls for Martial Law to Get Rid of Obama

  1. This is very scary stuff, but it is not limited to Mr. Joyner who is part of what is called the Apostolic Round table the lead of one of the fastest growing movements in Christianity.

  2. Your mention of Christians using Rom. 13 as a basis to “disobey government unconditionally” seems to be a mistake, and that you really meant Christians use Rom. 13 to obey government. But you are right about biblical examples who disobeyed; and the context of Rom. 13 shows that Paul is writing about a conditional, limited submission to authorities (when they punish evil, like the evil of those who persecute Christians).

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