Incarceration Nation

Not long ago, I was talking at my neighborhood Starbucks with some guys in the prison construction business. They said business was good.

I was reminded of this conversation when reading the following article.

According to a study by the Congressional Research Service, the US prison population is growing at an unprecedented rate.


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3 Responses to Incarceration Nation

  1. neverending1 says:

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    Prison population keeps grows. Surprised we targets are not in prison.

  2. downcastmysoul says:

    What is even more appalling is how many prisoners are in solitary confinement sometimes for decades. The cruelty of being denied human contact along with the incarceration is pure evil.

  3. Given the fact that some elected leaders in the U.S. have admitted to using drugs like Marijuana, I find it hypocritical for them to have used said drug or other drugs and want to deny us the right to make these same choices. Being busted for under age drug use should warrant a disciplinary action. People who are 21 or older should be able to use them if they want to without legal repercussions.

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