Dorner: “There Is No Truth, Only News”

By Doug Newman
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Unless you live in North Korea, whatever news feeds you follow deluged you with the saga of Christopher Dorner. The orgy of media attention to this story is proof of the power of the media to sway opinion.

doors la womanWe will never know much of anything for sure about this story. However, as Denver radio talk host Peter Boyles is fond of saying, “If it bleeds, it leads.” To paraphrase the Doors’ lyric from “LA Woman”, mayhem, manhunt, murder, madness … the Dorner saga had it all.

We will never know for sure if Dorner ever did any of the horrible things he was accused of. He may be guilty as charged or he may be totally innocent. It matters not how severe the accusations, nor how intense the weight of public opinion may be against the defendant. Guilt must be determined in court via Due Process, as spelled out in the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution. And if these protections do not apply to Christopher Dorner, they do not apply to you. Yeah, you!

We will also never know if Dorner ever truly posed an imminent threat to the cops who finished him off in the burning cabin at Big Bear Lake. The LAPD will never have to answer this question. Dorner’s guilt was already established in the public mind. How? The mass media said Dorner was guilty. And said it again and again and again. And that was enough for millions of people.

Charles Manson and Tim McVeigh each had their days in court. Nidal Malik Hasan – the suspected Fort Hood shooter – and James Holmes – the suspected Aurora theater shooter – both await trial. Their is much more blood on their hands than on those of Dorner.

vyctorya sandoval

Vyctorya Sandoval, 2, was one of these 13 children.

On Wednesday evening, I went to the Los Angeles Times web page to find the latest on the Dorner manhunt. Right next to the headline that said “Dorner manhunt is over”, I read the following: “Report excoriates L.A. County agency in child deaths, torture.” According to a recent investigation, incompetence on behalf of the Los Angeles County Department of Child and Family Services led to the deaths of 13 children. This is over three times as many as allegedly were killed by Christopher Dorner.

Even though these are just allegations at this point, do they not justify unleashing the terrible swift sword of every law enforcement agency within 200 miles on these people and letting Due Process be damned? I mean, like, 13 children are dead here. And a very prominent media organ reported it. So it must be true and sufficient to nail shut the coffin of guilt.

I posted this link on Facebook last week, only to take it down. In 24 hours, not a single person commented on it, even though three times as many innocent people perished entirely too soon. And as there were no guns involved, the story will not garner nearly the attention that Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech or Columbine did.

bad copFor the Left Angeles Times to report it is one thing. But to devote any considerable energy to it would expose the downright criminal incompetence of the state. On the other hand, joining with the LAPD in ganging up on Dorner while totally ignoring any constitutional constraints on their authority, glorifies the state.

And for you “conservatives” out there who insist that you hate the government, yet “support the police”, you have been just as manipulated as all the folks in the ghetto who think Obama is going to give them something for nothing. The police are the business end of the state. When things get ugly, it will not be Obama who takes your guns. It will be the local cops, i.e. the cats at Dunkin’ Donuts.

peter jenningsHitler and his spokesliar Goebbels knew the power of lies. Keep them big, keep them simple, tell them again and again, and people will believe them.The American mainstream media know likewise. And they have been incredibly successful in duping the majority of Americans.

As former ABC News anchor Peter Jennings once put it, “There is no truth, only news.” They tell you what they want you to hear. Millions of people will believe whatever their favorite media outlets tell them, never subjecting it to any scrutiny. The gullibility of the American people is a far bigger problem than what is happening in Washington, as it is the largest enabler of this metastasizing tyranny.
It happens all the time. Look what the media did to the Ron Paul for president campaign.
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    Awesome work, Doug!

  2. jaxstratton says:

    Awesome article, Doug!

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