Covid is Not an Automatic Death Sentence

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A website called Worldometer has meticulously documented Covid statistics since early 2020.

A cursory review of the site indicates that there is no correlation between Covid cases and deaths. These statistics are as of July 23, 2021.

Let’s look at just a few examples internationally:

Bahrain is 5th in cases per million (CPM) and 67th in deaths per million (DPM).

Belgium is 9th in CPM and 41st in DPM.

Sweden is 12th in CPM and 38th in DPM. (It never locked down. Shouldn’t it be first in both categories? Shouldn’t there be piles of corpses everywhere because they can’t dig the mass graves fast enough?)

Estonia is 20th in CPM and 59th in DPM.

Kuwait is 30th in CPM and 89th in DPM.

If cases meant imminent death, how do you explain this?

Let’s look at some domestic numbers:

North Dakota is 1st in CPM and 17th in DPM.

Utah is 4th in CPM and 46th in DPM.

Nebraska is 11th in CPM and 43rd in DPM.

Florida, with one of the oldest average populations in America and which has been “open” since September, is 13th in CPM and 25th in DPM.


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1 Response to Covid is Not an Automatic Death Sentence

  1. pensiamentopeligroso says:

    You make my case. Because it isn’t an “automatic death sentence”, we must have the bioweapon, mRNA gene therapy, spike protein generating, fake ineffective vaccine to polish off those who are not killed by COVID 19 – uh oh, don’t tell anybody such misinformation – it’s a secret!

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