Were the Lockdowns 10 Times More Deadly than COVID?

This is NOT an endorsement of Trump. He did A LOT to spread the fear of COVID and promote the economic lockdowns back in March.

However, this study, which speaks favorably of Trump, concludes that the cost in – among other tragic things – depression, suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction, and stress related illnesses resulted in 10 times the number of life-years lost than were from the actual virus.

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My name is Doug Newman. I live in Aurora, Colorado, just outside Denver. Food for the Thinkers is mostly about the connection between Christianity and libertarianism. Most Christians do not understand libertarianism. And most libertarians do not understand Christianity. Hopefully, this blog helps clear up those misunderstanding. Check out my old page at www.thefot.us And remember: When you let people do whatever they want, you get Woodstock. But when you let governments do whatever they want, you get Auschwitz.
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1 Response to Were the Lockdowns 10 Times More Deadly than COVID?

  1. pensiamentopeligroso says:

    Judges are starting to declare Governor’s edicts as unconstitutional – it’s about time.

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