This CHAZ Idea is Growing on Me

By John Nolte at Breitbart.

Even though the creators of CHAZ didn’t do it right, I firmly believe secession will become a very real thing after 2020.

Neither side will accept defeat in the election. And a goodly percentage of the population – perhaps more than half – are tired of being tyrannized.

Expect new states and very possibly new countries to form on a map that hasn’t changed since 1959. (And the “lower 48” have been this way since 1912.)

Click on this link to read.

About Food for the Thinkers

My name is Doug Newman. I live in Aurora, Colorado, just outside Denver. Food for the Thinkers is mostly about the connection between Christianity and libertarianism. Most Christians do not understand libertarianism. And most libertarians do not understand Christianity. Hopefully, this blog helps clear up those misunderstanding. Check out my old page at And remember: When you let people do whatever they want, you get Woodstock. But when you let governments do whatever they want, you get Auschwitz.
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