Why WOULDN’T Trump Also Build a Wall Along the Canadian Border?

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think its not illegal yet

This just might constitute torture for some of you.

I am asking you to think.

Just like anything else the government does, Donald Trump’s proposed wall along the Mexican border is rife with unintended consequences. The very same wall that would prevent people from entering illegally, could just as easily be used to keep the American people from leaving. And if he would build such a wall along the Mexican border, why wouldn’t he also build a wall along the Canadian border?

Just recently, Trump “doubled down” on his call to slow Muslim immigration. And right after the mass killings in San Bernardino last December, Trump called for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslim immigration to the United States.

Well, couldn’t Muslims enter the U.S. from Canada? And if Mexican immigration justifies building a wall on the southern border, why wouldn’t Muslim immigration issues justify building a wall on the northern border with Canada? And couldn’t such a wall possibly be used at some point in the future to keep the American people from leaving?

And Trump has also now threatened “very, very serious consequences” for corporations that would leave America. “We’re not going to let companies leave”, he says. So how would Der Donald actually enforce that? Perhaps he would shut down the coastlines as well.

Again, think!

Tyranny (1) always comes from someone’s noble intention, (2) always grows bigger and uglier with time and (3) always creates far greater problems than it solves. Trump’s proposals for trade, immigration and border control are no exception.


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