How Dope-Smoking Libertarians Elected George W. Bush

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It is a mistake to assume that every Libertarian voter is a wayward Republican. It is likewise a mistake to assume that every Libertarian vote hurts Republicans and helps Democrats.

Many left-wingers are drawn to the Libertarian Party because of its respect for civil liberties and its opposition to monstrosities such as the War on Drugs.

In fact, it is safe to say that it was long-hair, left-wing, dope-smoking Libertarians who put GW Bush in office.

How so?

In Florida, in 2000, 16,415 people voted for Harry Browne, the Libertarian candidate for president. It is fairly safe to say that at least 538 – or 3.28 percent – of them were left-libertarians who preferred Harry Browne over drug warrior Al Gore. Those 538 votes covered the spread between Bush and Gore and sent GW Bush to the White House.

If you are a right-wing, holy-rolling megachurch Bush groupie, you ought to be eternally thankful for these 538 long-hair, left-wing, dope-smoking Libertarians. They put your idol in the Oval Office.

political matrix

It’s not left versus right. The true paradigm is really more like this.


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