Will the Authorities Do This Now Whenever There Is a Crime?

By Doug Newman
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On August 28 of last year, Yun-Mi Hoy, who lived less than a mile from me in Aurora, Colorado, died in an unspeakably brutal fashion. Her daughter, Isabel Guzman, was charged with stabbing her 79 times.

Isabel was apprehended the next day in a nearby parking garage. And on that particular day, I was the number one supporter of the Aurora Police. They apprehended the suspect of an absolutely Mansonesque crime and did it without:

This is the way police work should be done.

Why, then, was the following necessary? In the aftermath of the unsolved death of 14-year-old April Millsap, police in the small town of Armada, Michigan – 50 miles northeast of Detroit, poplulation 1730 – effectively put a blockade on the entire town. They stopped and questioned every person entering or leaving.

There are numerous crimes in America everyday. And while violent crimes are down by almost half since 1990, there has been a massive expansion in the militarization of law enforcement.

Bank robberies happen at least once a week along Colorado’s Front Range. Why was it “necessary” to do what the Aurora PD did in June 2012? And look how they shut down I-270 in Rockville, Maryland, after a bank robbery earlier this year.

Oklahoma City was not put on lockdown after the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in 1995. Nor was Atlanta put on lockdown after the bombing at the 1996 Olympics. Why, then, was the “shelter in place” order “necessary” in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing?

No police state measures were deemed “necessary” in Boulder, Colorado, in the aftermath of the still unsolved 1996 murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Why, then, did the authorities do what they did in Armada, Michigan?

We have a metastasizing police state because we tolerate it.

And the more we dismiss episodes such as those on Aurora, Boston and, now, Armada as “isolated incidents”, the more we will get.

Aurora, June 2, 2012

Aurora, June 2, 2012. This’ll teach the punk not to drive to close to a robbery suspect.





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