The “Defund Obamacare” Scam – Letter to the Denver Post

By Doug Newman
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I was happy to see the House of Representatives vote this morning to defund Obamacare. However, does anyone seriously think the Democrat-controlled Senate will go along with this? The Senate will very likely reject any proposal to defund Obamacare. Nothing will change. Obamacare will march on.

There is a far better way to defund – and, hence, defang – Obamacare. All that is necessary is for House Republicans to vote no on any and all bills that contain Obamacare funding. This way, the Senate and the president would never even have the chance to reject defunding it. Obamacare would be stopped dead in its tracks.

Republicans have an extensive history of talking like libertarians, yet governing like Democrats. While I liked this morning’s vote, I fear the real result will be more of the same: big government, high taxes and intrusions on our liberty. I hope I am wrong.

Doug Newman

ron paul doctor1. If I were a congressman, I would have voted “yes” to defund.

2. Casting massive numbers of “no” votes on unconstitutional laws will not necessarily hurt your political career. In fact, it may help it. This is just what Ron Paul did and he was elected 12 times.

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