Radical Islam Will Not Take Over the World

By Doug Newman
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Slate.com recently published a fascinating chart from 1931 that outlines the history of world empires. (Click on the narrow version of the map to make it much wider.) To make a very long story very short, they come and they go. Among the many lessons learned here is that Islam, let along “radical Islam” will not take over the world.

To be sure, Muslims enjoyed periods of dominance. However, if you examine the history from 700 to 1100, Islam as a political force died out. Look at the “green” area. Moreover, the Ottoman Empire – i.e. the blue field – had run its course by the start of the 20th century. Ultimately, it would be divided up after World War I.

Also, please take two minutes and watch this video. The entire history of the Middle East, like the rest of the world, is one of empires rising and falling. No one has ever maintained permanent control over this part of the world. There is a lesson here for the United States.

I once read that 1529 was the last time a Muslim country conquered a non-Muslim country. Don’t let the mainstream media manipulate you into thinking that Islam is going to take over the world. It is not!

Bennett editorial cartoon

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2 Responses to Radical Islam Will Not Take Over the World

  1. Steven Khairul Sunni says:

    someday Islam will dominate the world, today it can not be proved wait five years later and the new infidels (Christian and Jewish) will regret it.

  2. InfidelArmy says:

    Not on my shift Pal! My people will soon rise up,
    and Islam will then finally be eradicated, FOREVER.
    along with every single last one, of its sick followers

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