My Facebook Exchange with the Aurora PD about Mass Lockdowns

By Doug Newman
On November 9, Aurora police arbitrarily detained almost 3000 innocent people for over eight hours. I called them on it on Facebook. Here is a transcript of the exchange.

ME: Is this America or North Korea? In June, the Aurora PD unlawfully detained 40 innocent people for 2 hours after a bank robbery. Today, they detained perhaps a few thousand innocents all day!!! THIS HAS GOT TO CEASE!!!! WHAT IS YOUR EXPLANATION FOR THIS????? I AM TALKING TO YOU STEVE HOGAN! I AM TALKING TO YOU DAN OATES!
Aurora schools placed on 8-hour lockdown during suspect search

Police Vehicles actually a judge ruled that they “lawfully” detained those people and secondly what do you expect them to do, let a bunch of kids out of school when you have someone who might be an armed gunman that has shot at the police walk around.

Police Vehicles

Aurora Police Department The Aurora Police Department has the utmost concern for the safety of our citizens, especially children and will take every precaution necessary to keep them safe and out of danger.

ME: There was a murder in my condo association in September 2011. Why was there not a lockdown at the neighborhood elementary school? This school is a lot closer to my condo association than Jewell was to those apartments.

ME: Also, if you are so concerned for the safety of people, why did you not do lockdowns on the nearby King Soopers and Best Buy? Why not a lockdown on the Aurora Mall as well? I mean, like, there could have been an armed gunman there too.

ME: Just because a judge rules something does not make it valid. The Fifth Amendment protects against infringements on liberty without due process. Mass detentions are just this: infringements on liberty. And if you are going to violate the most basic liberties of innocent people, what will you do next?

ME: Yes, the prospect of a gunman who has shot at police – or anyone else for that matter – would concern me. However, a government that arbitrarily violates the rights of innocent people FOR WHATEVER REASON concerns me far more.

About Food for the Thinkers

My name is Doug Newman. I live in Aurora, Colorado, just outside Denver. Food for the Thinkers is mostly about the connection between Christianity and libertarianism. Most Christians do not understand libertarianism. And most libertarians do not understand Christianity. Hopefully, this blog helps clear up those misunderstanding. Check out my old page at And remember: When you let people do whatever they want, you get Woodstock. But when you let governments do whatever they want, you get Auschwitz.
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2 Responses to My Facebook Exchange with the Aurora PD about Mass Lockdowns

  1. Chris Parker says:

    …bravo, Doug! I was hoping for a more inspiring and forthcoming response from the Aurora P.D. but, alas…when one is dealing with *the North Korean P.D.* then one cannot reasonably expect a sensible reply to such questions. ‘Communo-fascists’ aren’t famous for convincing arguments, but they ARE famous for “a boot stamping on a human face –forever”.

    Here in Northglennthe P.D. behaves in similar fashion with one exception: most of the ‘criminals’ they pursue are like us in this little Burgh and not murderers, kidnappers, rapists, et al.In order to justify their miserable existence they must ‘cite’ a lot of ’just folks’ to generate revenue. I’ve experienced this phenomenon firsthand!

    May God bless and protect you and yours through the difficult times which, likely, will come. Semper Fi! C. M. Parker Northglenn


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