Please help these three dogs find a home!

I received an email the other day from a friend that told a very sad story. If you can help, please email me with your contact information, and I will forward this information onward. Thanks!

Hi everyone,

I am sending this out to all of you who I know love dogs in the hope that you may know someone who might be interested in giving one of these dogs a home.
There is a very sweet woman who lives in Elizabeth.*  She lost her job several months ago and she is trying to sell her home before it is foreclosed which I understand will be happening pretty soon.  She is very distraught about having to find homes for her older dogs; it is truly tearing her apart.
All these dogs have been rescued by her.  She has Brynne, an 8 year old female Beagle, Ellie, a 10 year old black lab, and Jenna, an 11 year old shepherd mix.  They have all been receiving excellent veterinary care and are up to date on shots.  All are spayed.  Their photos are attached.
If you know anyone who might be interested please pass this along.
Thank you so much.
* Elizabeth is a small town in Elbert County, Colorado. It is 40 miles southeast of Denver.

This is Jenna.

Jenna needs a new home.

Brynne needs a new home.

This is Bella.

Bella needs a new home.

Again, if you can help find a home for these doggies, please email me with your contact information and I will forward it onward to people who can help. Thanks!

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