Vote NO on Red Flag Gun Law HB19-1177 – Email to the Colorado General Assembly

By Doug Newman – email me here.
Here I am on Facebook.
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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Colorado General Assembly,

I would like to tell you about 2 friends who died all too young as a result of gun violence.

In 2012, a friend of several years was killed in the Aurora theater shooting. And in early 2010, a lifelong friend committed suicide by shooting himself.

While my friends were killed with guns, they were not killed by guns. Someone could have detonated a bomb outside the Century 16 Theater that horrible evening while hundreds of people stood outside waiting to enter, killing 12 just as dead and injuring 60 just as severely.

My other friend could have committed suicide with a knife, a rope or a bottle full of pills.

Stricter gun laws would not have prevented either tragedy.

I will not pretend to speak for anyone else affected by these tragedies. However, I will not yield one inch to the demands of those who wish to infringe on my God-given constitutionally-guaranteed right to defend myself. In a world where bad people with guns are undeterred by laws, good people must not be limited in their right to self-defense.

And we cannot rely on the police, as they can only show up after a crime has been committed. This could take minutes or hours. It has been said many times before, that “when seconds count, the cops are just minutes away.”

Hence, I strongly urge a “NO” vote on House Bill 19-1177.

I could go on very extensively about the futility and counterproductive nature of gun control. However, I will just leave a few points for you to ponder as well as research:

  • House Bill 19-1177 not only violates the Second Amendment “right of the people to keep and bear arms”, but also the Fifth and Sixth Amendment guarantees of Due Process.
  • Even though America has more guns than ever, violent crime rates have declined by almost half in the last 25 years.
  • Even though America leads the world in gun ownership, 90 countries have higher homicide rates.
  • There is simply no correlation between stringency of gun laws, rates of gun ownership and rates of violent crime. This holds true both domestically as well as internationally. Mexico, for instance, has several times the homicide rate of Australia, despite having an identical rate of gun ownership.
  • As the 9/11 attacks and the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing demonstrate, you can kill lots of people without using a gun.
  • Every genocidal madman in history has first disarmed his subjects.

There is a world of difference between what sounds good and what is good. It is never good to deny people their rights to self-defense and due process. Furthermore, history demonstrates again and again and again that stricter gun laws do not prevent crime.

Vote “NO” on House Bill 19-1177.

Thank you for reading this.

To support and defend,

Douglas F. Newman

trump take guns away usa today

Credit: USA Today


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Nineteen Eighty FO’ SHIZZLE!

A few rough words in here, but this urban contemporary summary of George Orwell’s 1984 is BEYOND FUNNY!!!

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Study: 55,400 People Hospitalized or Killed by US Cops in a Single Year

From The Free Thought Project.

New research published in the British Medical Journal demonstrates the danger posed to citizens by the most routine police practice of a “legal stop.”

Researchers analyzed 12.3 million police interventions from 2012 and found that approximately 55,400 people were injured or killed by cops during legal stop and search incidents in one year. Of this number, about 1,000 were killed, with vast majority dying from gunshot wounds. The remaining 54,400 were hospitalized with serious injuries, mostly from blunt objects.

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Why Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Mormons, Landlords, People who Wear Glasses, Gun Owners and Everyone Else Should Support the Electoral College

By Doug Newman – email me here.
Here I am on Facebook.
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“In a democracy, two wolves and a sheep vote on what’s for supper. In a constitutional republic, the wolves are forbidden from voting on what’s for supper, and the sheep are well-armed.” – First part attributed to Ben Franklin

The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court has prompted a new round of calls to eliminate the Electoral College. Why should someone who lost the popular vote be able to appoint judges?

belushi electoral collegeAnd it is not just the Left that wants to end the Electoral College. The Orange Orangutan, i.e. Trump, has suggested that we should do just this. Don’t just read the article, take a minute or two and watch the video. Never mind the fact that, if it weren’t for the Electoral College, Polly Pot, i.e. Hillary, would currently be president.

The Electoral College is not simply some stupid, old, outmoded, eighteenth century, white, male, Christian, gun-toting, hetero, well, you know, thing. It is a major firewall preventing America from turning from a constitutional republic into a democracy. This is not just a distinction for philosophy professors. The implications are profoundly practical.

Democracy means majority rule. What the majority wants goes, regardless of individual rights. If the white majority votes that the black minority be forced into slavery, oh well: this is a democracy. In a democracy, the black majority in, say, Detroit or New Orleans, could vote that the city’s white population be forced into slavery and the white people would have no recourse.

Likewise, majorities in places like Berkeley and Boulder could vote to confiscate guns. And a majority in a small town in southern Utah could vote to expel all non-Mormons. And there would be nothing the losers could do.

electoral college free borden

No she didn’t actually say this. However, this meme was just too funny.

If the majority in a democracy votes that every woman with the last name of Ocasio-Cortez must wear a burqa, then every woman with the last name of Ocasio-Cortez must wear a burqa. Too bad, so sad.

It has been said that democracies are like gang rapes, lynch mobs and “give us Barabbas!” (John 18:40) Jesus was sent to the cross because Pilate caved to the demands of an angry mob.

While we are talking about the Bible, I Samuel 8:4-20 tells how the children of Israel clamored for a king. God said, in essence, I’ll give you the kind you say you want, but you will be sorry you ever asked.

SOOO, do you still support democracy?

Contrast this with a constitutional republic such as that established by America’s Founders. The word “democracy” appears nowhere in the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation or the Constitution. To be sure, officeholders at various levels are voted upon. However, there are numerous protections against majority rule.

  • The powers delegated to the federal government are spelled out in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution and limited by the Tenth Amendment.
  • A system of checks and balances prevents any of the three branches of government from becoming too powerful.
  • The protections of the Bill of Rights cannot be voted away by majorities.
  • Each state has two senators. California, with 33 million people, has 2 senators, just like Wyoming, which has a lower population than the city of Denver. And until the passage of the Seventeenth Amendment in 1913, senators were elected by state legislatures.
  • The president is elected not by the popular majority, but by an electoral college. The several states choose electors who elect the president. This process gives greater weight to smaller states less importance to larger states. As the fourth column from the right on this chart shows, votes from smaller states carry more weight than votes from bigger states. Votes in Wyoming carry much more weight than those in California. And votes in liberal places like Vermont and Rhode Island carry more weight than those in conservative places like Texas and Florida.

America has over 3100 counties. Half of America’s population lives in just 146 of these counties. In the one election in which all voters can participate, is it right that the values and priorities of 4.7 percent of America’s counties should overrule those of the other 95.3 percent?

us county map

Tyranny is tyranny. And tyranny of the majority is just as much to be feared as tyranny by one individual. And just about everybody can claim to be either a minority now or a minority at some point in the past.

Jews, Christians, Muslims, Catholics, Mormons, Chinese, Japanese, American Indians, white people, black people, Germans, Italians, Tutsis, Bosnians, Armenians, kulaks, landlords, people who wear glasses, gun owners, druggies, homosexuals, “the rich”, illegals, “useless eaters”, gypsies and numerous other demographics have, at various points in history been on the wrong side of those in power. And if their liberties and lives are trampled on, it matters not if it is an individual or a majority that is doing the trampling.

I am a quarter Jewish, so Hitler would have come after me. I wear eyeglasses, so Pol Pot would have come after me. And I am a Christian, so I would be a target for persecution in dozens of countries around the world. Whenever anyone suggests that the government “go after” a certain segment of the population, I start to squirm.

Liberals are always talking about compassion for the underprivileged, downtrodden and marginalized. As a firewall against democracy, the Electoral College really ought to appeal to them.

And, besides, they should see the big picture and imagine an America without an electoral college. What if some future Democrat candidate gets 49 percent of the popular vote but would have won 277 electoral votes? With the Electoral College, their candidate would be headed to the Oval Office. But they clamored to get rid of the Electoral College and had their way.

As the old saying goes, be careful what you ask for as you just might get it.


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The Constitutional Reasons to Oppose Kavanaugh

There are many GOOD and LEGITIMATE reasons that Brett Kavanaugh should not be seated on the supreme Court. Reckless sex accusations are not among them.

As Brittany Hunter very well demonstrates, Kavanaugh has a very week record supporting the Fourth Amendment. He is more than happy to disregard its protections in the name of the War on Terror. Also, pay very careful attention to what she says about torture as well as Edward Snowden.

As Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) put it: “Future decisions on the constitutionality of government surveillance of Americans will be huge. We can’t afford a rubber stamp for the executive branch.” Amash is the only Republican openly opposing Kavanaugh.

  • On a related topic, Kavanaugh voted with Merrick Garland, Obama’s unsuccessful nominee 93 percent of the time.
kavanaugh antifreedom

Credit: Brian Daniel

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You Don’t Have to Take a Side on Every Controversy

By Doug Newman – email me.
Originally posted here on Facebook.
If you would like to post this elsewhere, please link to this URL. Thanks!

You don’t HAVE to take a side on every controversy. Oftentimes, both sides are wrong. It’s OK to sit things out in these situations. Just because X is wrong doesn’t mean that not-X is right.

Just know that very powerful people orchestrate so many of these controversies not as contests between right and wrong, good and evil, freedom and tyranny, etc. Rather they are designed to pull emotional triggers, wreck friendships and relationships, destroy your mental, spiritual and even physical health, etc. These people don’t give a flying rip about YOU.

Do your own thinking! And you don’t always have to agree with me! (YAY!)

Exercising personal independence is good.

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If Only People Truly KNEW How Badly They Were Being Manipulated

Just one excerpt from an extremely thought-provoking article:

Propaganda doesn’t have to change your mind to be effective– all it has to do is disable your critical thinking by blinding you with rage, misdirecting your attention, generating an “Other” that acts as a target for projected frustration, creating either-or thinking, splinter the working / middle classes into divisive “tribes” supported by echo-chamber social media and addict you to constant drips of carefully tailored emotional derangement.

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