“Colorado sees 97% fewer flu hospitalizations this year”

So says 9News in Denver.

From the article: ““This year may be different because people are practicing different preventions like distancing, avoiding crowds, wearing masks and hopefully hand hygiene.”

But aren’t we doing all those things and aren’t there still dead bodies by the sides of roads as a result of COVID?

And if you’ll look at the chart in the article, flu cases dropped to almost zero gin late March right before COVID became a thing.

This whole COVID pretense can’t end soon enough.

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The Law of Unacknowledged Consequences

By Doug Newman – email me here.
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On December 5, 1933, the Twenty-First Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified and alcohol prohibition was repealed. This represents a rare instance of a nation admitting that it was wrong and reversing course.

Many people are familiar with the law of unintended consequences, which states that purposeful actions, especially those by government, frequently do not yield the desired outcome. Alcohol prohibition was one of an endless list of examples of this law.

Let’s consider another law. And if it is not a law, it is an overwhelmingly common human tendency. That law is the law of unacknowledged consequences. It states that when people support a government action, they absolutely cannot acknowledge the unintended consequences of this action.

It is ubiquitous. Examples are everywhere.

The intent of minimum wage laws is to provide people with a livable wage. Proponents of these laws simply will not acknowledge that they leave massive numbers of unskilled workers – especially in poor areas – unemployed.

I remember the summer of 1979 all too vividly.

The intent of price controls on things such as rent, and gasoline is to keep housing and gasoline affordable. Proponents of these laws absolutely will not acknowledge that they always lead to shortages.

The intent of the Affordable Care Act was, well, affordable healthcare for all Americans. Proponents of this law absolutely will not acknowledge that removing underwriting requirements caused the cost of healthcare and health insurance to soar out of control.

The intent of affirmative action is to make up for past racial injustices. Proponents of these policies absolutely will not acknowledge that they are by definition discriminatory.

The intent of progressive income taxes is to take from them what has and redistribute to them what isn’t. Proponents of such taxes absolutely will not acknowledge that them what has have access to lawyers and lobbyists to influence the politicians to perforate the tax code with endless loopholes.

Credit: http://www.boingboing.net

The intent of printing endless amounts of money is to fund government programs be they welfare or welfare. Proponents of such recklessness absolutely will not acknowledge that such “money” eventually becomes worthless.

The intent of gun control is to prevent crime. Proponents of gun control absolutely will not acknowledge that criminals – in both the public and private sectors – have zero respect for such laws and that such laws only disarm innocent law-abiding people leaving them defenseless as criminals run amok.

The intent of TSA is to protect people form terrorism. Proponents of this porn, perversion and pedophilia absolutely will not acknowledge that a terrorist could walk up to one of their blue shirts, show his ID and boarding pass, reach into his bag, push a button, and detonate a bomb killing 1000 people.

The intent of drug prohibition is to stop people from taking certain drugs. Drug warriors absolutely will not acknowledge that the war on (certain) drugs has not only led to the “land of the free” having the world’s highest incarceration rate, but it also makes criminals out of people who heal themselves with marijuana, whose medicinal properties are endlessly documented and is more benign than any Rx medication.

The intent of Trump’s trade wars was to “go after” those criminal ChiComs. Proponents of these “wars” absolutely will not acknowledge that they were a series of tax increases – by executive order, no less – on the American consumer.

The intent of Trump’s holy of holies – the border wall – was to stop illegal immigration. Proponents of the wall absolutely will not acknowledge that this wall could be used by some future president to keep Americans from leaving.

The intent of lockdowns, social distancing, masks, and the rest of the COVID crackdown is to save lives. Proponents of this flu d’etat, as I call it, absolutely will not acknowledge, among many other things, that this madness will most probably cause more deaths than it prevents.

I could go on.

It is a human tendency to not want to admit it when we are wrong. This failing becomes far worse when people demand state action.

I’ll end with this quote from Joseph Sobran, one of my all-time favorite political commentators who passed away far too soon in 2010:

One of the odd things about our mistakes is that after we commit ourselves to them, it becomes difficult even to perceive them as mistakes. We adapt to them, justify them, become dependent on them, and forget the alternatives to them, until we no longer have the mental detachment we had before we made them. They become almost impossible to disown, and we sacrifice our judgment to them.

And over time, our wrong turns are normalized and exalted as steps in the epic of progress. Anyone who proposes to correct them is given the standard homily:

“‘We can’t turn back the clock!”

It’s amazing how seldom societies ask themselves, before making a fateful decision, some simple questions:

What if this turns out to be a disastrous mistake? Will we be able to undo it?

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COVID Uber Alles

COVID Uber Alles is the insane notion that absolutely nothing matters other than goose stepping along with whatever orders are being barked in the name of fighting COVID.

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There’s Nothing Biblical About the Flu D’Etat

Author: Anonymous
Credit: Les Riley on Facebook

One of the most enormously dangerous psychological effects of the way the world is handling this disease is that we now consider every single living, breathing person (especially if we can SEE them breathing) to be a constant threat to our health.

Every time we leave the house, the media tells us to “be cautious,” “remember you could be contagious,” and “stay away from others.”

I am extremely concerned that the way our children – yes, even the children growing up in Christian homes today – will grow up to see the world in a way that is a far cry from the way God calls us to see the world.

The media says we should live in fear.
The Bible says we have no reason to fear. (Psalm 27:1)

The media says to stay away from others.
The Bible says to live in community. (Romans 12:5)

The media says to always be anxious.
The Bible says we have been given peace. (John 14:27)

The media says to stay isolated.
The Bible says that isolation is dangerous. (Proverb 18:1)

The media says to protect yourself at all costs.
The Bible says to give of yourself no matter the cost. (Luke 14:33)

The media says to consider yourself a threat and to stay away from others in order to save another’s life.
The Bible says we are crucial messengers of hope who are called to go out into the world and offer the only gift that can TRULY save another’s life – the gift of the gospel of Jesus Christ. (Romans 10:14)

The media says you should fear physical death.
The Bible says you should fear a future without Christ. (Matthew 10:28)

The media says to stay hidden away.
The Bible says to let your light shine. (Matthew 5:16)

The media says you can extend your life by protecting yourself.
The Bible says your days are numbered and you will die ONLY when God has determined it to be so. (Job 14:5)

The media says church is dangerous.
The Bible says church is essential. (Hebrews 10:25)

The media offers propaganda and manipulation.
The Bible offers beauty and truth. (2 Timothy 3:16)

There is plenty of science that is being hidden away and shoved out of view, and while it’s valuable and helpful, believers should not even need the science. Because there is also plenty of biblical direction that should be guiding our steps.

If my math is correct, we are now on Day 271 of “14 days to flatten the curve.”

How much longer will believers continue to cower at home, enslaving themselves to the manipulation of the media, and insisting that the propaganda machine knows best when we have the LITERAL WORD OF GOD in our homes with clear direction on how we should live while we are in this world?

Harder days than this are coming.
Persecution will increase.
The truth will continue to be slandered.

We must be ready, and now is the time to practice what we know to be true. If we don’t practice it now, we will not be ready in the future.

So believers, I implore you…WAKE. UP.

This is not how the church is called to live.

I would add to this:

The media says “MASK UP”.
The Bible says God wants to see your face. (2 Corinthians 3:18)

The media says “FEAR! FEAR! FEAR!”
The Bible says that God has not given us a spirit of fear. (2 Timothy 1:7)

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The Many Health Hazards of the COVID Vaccine

The photo below is page 15 of this PDF from the FDA.

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Is Team Lockdown Under a Spell?

Great rant by Georgia Cammann on Facebook.

And “spell” is a very accurate term. How on earth do you describe to many people walking around as if in a trance parroting whatever propaganda oozes from the telescreens?

How much more insane will things have to get before people realize there’s more to this story?? None of it is a coincindence, including this virus. When the literal “spell” of the mainstream media (MSM) is finally broken, we will look back in horror and amazement at all the carnage created by these virus protocols… suicide, domestic violence, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, lost livelihoods, children with growing psychological symptoms & loss of education, secondary infections & lowered immune systems due to extended mask wearing… even outside in the fresh air, closed gyms & playgrounds, our elderly wasting away from lack of human contact & dying alone, endless division between family, friends and neighbors… on & on. The longer this is allowed to continue, the longer it will take to heal from the aftermath, possibly beyond this generation if it isn’t stopped. ALL in the name of “FEELING safe” despite mountains of very solid evidence from so many well-qualified frontline Drs., virologists, epidemiologists and other scientists around the world. If you believe the powers that control the MSM (and their hand-picked, bought and paid for experts who’ve been continually incorrect) are looking out for your best interest and have no other agenda here, you are sadly mistaken. Even worse, if you’re basing your opinion on doing the opposite of what Trump has stated publicly instead of actual evidence… shame on you for letting your hatred overshadow your own reason and common sense. We need to be smarter than that. That’s manipulation at it’s finest. In all the months we’ve now been wearing masks, don’t you find it the least bit concerning that they’re STILL reporting ALARMING, growing numbers of positive cases”?? What about the scientist who actually invented the test and has publicly stated over and over, that it was NEVER meant to be used to determine if someone is actually sick. According to the CDC’s own website, nationally out of 350 million, only 123 youth under the age of 18 have died due to this virus. For teachers under age 50, the statistical survival rate regarding getting Covid from their students is 99.98% and for teachers 70 and under, it’s only 99.5% and yet the schools remain closed. Parents… quit masking your children and stand up for them! You have a difficult job but you owe them that. You’re their first line of defense. WHEN do we check in with ourselves more deeply and begin to question ALL these things that make NO logical sense, ESPECIALLY when so much is at stake? Political leaders encouraging their citizens to turn in others who aren’t “complying”… now contact tracing being implemented via our cell phones… soon… the inability to travel, get jobs, enter school, etc. without a vaccine… “re-education” quarantine facilities already being employed in some countries for those who “don’t comply” as well as having one’s children taken away… This isn’t a sci-fi movie… This is actually happening NOW and it will only spread. WHY DO YOU THINK PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD ARE WAKING UP & REVOLTING? If you’re sitting back and expecting to just get your marching orders from someone else, you’re doing yourselves and everyone around you a grave disservice. Instead of piling the blame and shame on those who choose to do their own research, remain sovereign and make their choices accordingly, PLEASE step out of your fear and judgement & spend some time asking some hard questions and thinking critically for yourself and for your loved ones & humanity. It’s challenging because the powers that control the media also censor anything that doesn’t support their narrative and so many valid voices are being silenced to keep us under their control. I never thought I would see the day when the freedom to speak would be so blatantly removed in the U.S., not to mention so many other countries. Make no mistake, this IS a global agenda. How can we say this is not about control? If you’re OK with this… again… you may want to do some serious self-reflection on why you may think it’s OK to censor as long as it fits your current opinion. That’s NOT what Freedom is about and at some point, when we acquiesce to these things, it eventually comes back to haunt us. We either choose to live in a free country/ world or we don’t…period. We have every right to make our own choices. I hold a vision for humanity that looks very different than what we are seeing right now.

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Congressman Predicts Popular Uprising

Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) delivers a great 5-minute speech predicting a popular uprising against the flu d’etat.

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Free Range Humans on a Government Farm

Credit: Corey Wesley on Facebook

It’s only 15 days

It’s only a mask

It’s only *a few* businesses

It’s only *a few* suicides

It’s only for a short time

It’s only *your* profession

Change careers, then

Trump didn’t lock everyone down enough

Biden will lock everyone down

Lock-downs are good for the economy

Shutting down the economy is good for the economy

You shouldn’t be in that business, then

We’re all in this together

Your business needs to close

We’re all in this together

You need to sacrifice

We’re all in this together

It’s only addiction

Depression is better than dying

You’re just being selfish

We’re all in this together

Your business is shut down

Your business is essential

We’re all in this together

It’s a pandemic, economy doesn’t matter

You’re selfish if you don’t

You want grandma to die

It’s worse than you think

You’re not a doctor

You’re not an expert

You’re a conspiracy theorist

Freedom is selfish


Listen to the experts

Not *THAT* expert

Listen to MY expert

Compliance is liberty

Poverty is virtuous

Write your name, address, phone number

It’s just contact tracing

It’s just a peaceful protest

Your gathering is dangerous

Stop denying science

Do as you’re told

Be afraid

It’s just a mask

If you see something say something

Obey authority

This is no time to assert your rights

You obviously want everyone to die

Stay in your house

You’re greedy

You’re selfish

You’re non-essential

Then just change your career

We don’t need you

We’re all in this together

We need you to obey

Your slavery is a ticket to your freedom

Obedience is liberty

I want you to sacrifice

Too bad for your career

I’m not selfish, you’re selfish

We’re only asking (forcing) you to comply

Do as I say

It’s not for me, it’s for you

Orwell wrote dystopian novels about this. Animal Farm, 1984. Here we are, living it out, people celebrating it. Free-range humans on a government farm.

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Why Should Christianity Have Any Credibility? — Touch Stone Connect

Christians Being Fed To The Lions It was just men who wrote the Bible, and they were just pushing their agenda. The Bible is a good story – a lot of myths compiled in one book. The Bible is filled with contradictions. These and other comments are made by people who have done little to […]

Why Should Christianity Have Any Credibility? — Touch Stone Connect
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The Roman Lesson

By Regie Hamm on Facebook.
November 15, 2016

When Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon and invaded the Republic of Rome (his home nation state), he was taking one of the biggest gambles in the history of the world. But he did something very simple that hedged his bet against a mob revolt. As soon as he secured the victory, he opened up the treasury and gave the masses money …lots of it …just gave it to them. In effect, he bought the allegiance of the people and nudged their orientation toward Imperial rule.

Things didn’t end well for Julius. Stabbed to death on the Senate floor, by people who were committed to a republic …is pretty much how his obituary read. But the damage had already been done. The people of Rome got a taste of having a relationship with ONE guy, who could, with the wave of a hand, fill their pockets or change their fortunes. It didn’t require all that pesky legislating or debating. It didn’t move at the speed of molasses. They realized that instead of the slow burn of representative self-governance, they could get the quick blaze of an Emperor’s whim. As long as the people themselves were safe and sound, kind of cared for, and out of the line of fire, the Emperor could do pretty much whatever he wanted. And Rome was never the same.

Emperors were the eventual downfall of the ancient Roman experiment. And they passed into history as a cautionary tale. But humans still gravitate toward big power. Our founders knew this. When Benjamin Franklin was asked, after the Continental Congress, what kind of government they had given the people, his reply was, “A republic …if you can keep it.” The sub-text of that response was born of knowing the lessons of history all too well.

Most societies can’t keep republics. As power gets consolidated, the people UNDER the power start assuming that power is their everything. And once you can make the people believe THAT …you’re well on your way to becoming Caesar.

This is why we have things like the electoral college, the 10th Amendment, two chambers of congress, three branches of government, courts of appeal and a free press. All of these things are designed to keep power at bay and our lives in OUR hands …not the hands of one person.

But for some reason we still insist on heaping power on a king figure.

The absolute meltdown that is occurring in our nation, as a result of the election of one man to one office, has sparked a whole new debate on who we are as a society. Some say the protestors are simply whiney Millennials who’ve never learned how to lose. There may be some truth to that. Who knows?

Some say this is a result of political correctness finally swallowing itself whole. Also …maybe.

For me, this is a lesson in how much power we’ve given our government. Many people actually fear that their lives are about to be unraveled …based on who just became president. If a life can come unraveled based on that, then the person being elected already has too much power.

Some of the same people who think the current president (elect) is about to be their undoing, thought the last president was going to be their savior. Anyone with term limits and legal constraints can’t be a savior. Nor should they be.

Someone recently wrote that our healthcare, science funding, marriage rights, reproductive rights, education system and very survival as a nation was hanging in the balance of this election. Does anyone besides me, find that idea obscene? THAT much of our lives being controlled by government? Is this our new Caesar?

Why does most of our science funding come through the NIH? Who decided the government should control all of that? Why does our healthcare have to be managed by people who live thousands of miles away from us? Why do our social contracts depend on the right balance of judges sitting on ONE court?

The fact that one election has this much power over us …or even the fact that we just PERCEIVE it to have that much power over us …is the actual problem. And now, because of it, we find ourselves coming apart at the seams …that are all stitched together with layer upon layer of government. This has become our God …and now we are frightened of angering it.

Be careful about how much government you want in your life. Because one day it might end up in the hands of someone who terrifies you.

By then, you’d better hope you’re in good standing with the Emperor.

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