InfoGraphic: Private Prisons in America


private prison graphic

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Cops Have to Do What They Have to Do. And if a Person or a Dog Dies, So Be It.

By Doug Newman – email me
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The same soullessness which characterizes North Korean border and prison guards is now metastasizing among American law enforcement authorities. defines “legalism” as: “strict adherence, or the principle of strict adherence, to law or prescription, especially to the letter rather than the spirit.”

This word comes to mind as a result of two tragic stories I have read recently.

mcninch memeIn 2009, Wayne Ables of Cordova, Tennessee, was pulled over for expired tags by Deputy Micah McNinch of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department. Ables was driving his 83-year-old mother to the hospital as she was having severe difficulty breathing.

McNinch called for an ambulance. According to this article: “After 11 minutes, the emergency vehicles arrived. The driver had pleaded with the officer to escort them to the hospital a mere five minutes away.”

Ables’ mother died there.

McNinch was suspended by the sheriff’s department for one day without pay.

Last Wednesday, at the corner of 21st Avenue and Federal Boulevard in northwest Denver, Harley, a 14-year old Labrador mix was hit by a car. This happened at 8:30. At 8:45, police called Animal Control, who did not arrive on the scene until 10 p.m.

In the meantime, while the cops just stood there and watched, Harley died.

Ross Knapp, a neighbor who tried to help the suffering and dying dog, was threatened with arrest.

Read what Harley’s owner had to say here. And also read here.

The risks we run when we entrust human and animal life to the state are often fatal. The police are the most dangerous segment of the state. And they do not even have to shoot a person or animal for their actions to bring about death.

And if you think the state truly cares about human or animal life, I leave you with this.

bundy meme

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The Cop Pointed a Gun at His Face … He Shot the Cop in Self-Defense … And He Has Been Sentenced to Death

By Doug Newman – email me
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Posted at The Daily Paul.
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There is just so much wrong here.

Police responded to a domestic violence call at the home of George Hitcho in Freemansburg, in northeastern Pennsylvania.

It was bad enough that Officer Robert Lasso pointed a stun gun at Hitcho’s dogs. It is even worse yet that, according to Hitcho, Lasso pointed a gun in his face.

Said Hitcho: “He tried to kill my dogs and pointed a gun in my face,” Hitcho said, according to the documents. “I do not care if you a cop or not …Unbelievable.”

According to this article: “Freemansburg Police Chief George Bruneio testified he saw Lasso, 31, struggling with the animals and yelled at the nine-year police veteran to shoot one of the dogs.”

I am sick of hearing all the time about police officers “struggling” with dogs and using this as a pretense to shoot them. Mailmen, UPS and FedEx drivers and utility meter readers get barked and snarled at every day, and when do you ever hear about any of them shooting dogs?

Hitcho shot and killed Lasso.

hitcho lassoA jury convicted Hitcho of first-degree murder. Hitcho is being sentenced to death.
Northampton County District Attorney smugly proclaimed: “I think the jury’s verdict sends a high affirmation that police officers are off limits.”

This story is from 2012. Hitch announced in January that he will get a new attorney and appeal this death sentence. Let us pray that he prevails.

If Hitcho or anyone else doesn’t have the right to shoot back when they feel their life is threatened, then none of us have any rights. Period. Why even bother with a Second Amendment? It doesn’t matter if the person you feel threatened by rocks a blue uni and mainlines donuts and tax money.

This story is sad from beginning to end. (And, no, I am not happy that Lasso is dead.) The police are the business end of the government and they are totally out of control. It does little good to moan and groan about recklessness in Washington, while at the same time ignoring what is happening on the streets of your own town.

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The Best Thing I Have Heard Said So Far about Jeb v. Hillary in 2016

From Teno Groppi’s Facebook Page …. this is CLASSIC!
Posted at Daily Paul.

“Coming soon from the GOP:

“I know (Bush, Dole, Dubya, McCain, Romney, … JEB) is not all that conservative, but this election is THE MOST IMPORTANT election in American history! This election we can’t afford to stand on principle and support a pure conservative. We can’t survive another four years of (Carter, Mondale, Clinton, AlGore, Obama, Obama 2, … HILLARY), so we’re asking you JUST THIS ONCE to hold your nose and vote for the candidate who will keep the evil monster demon out of office. We’re only asking you to compromise THIS time to save our country from destruction. You can vote for a constitutionalist NEXT election.

“We promise. Just like we did last time – and because we’re sure the Democrats are not going to run another socialist demon NEXT time, so it’ll be okay to vote your conscience then.”

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NOELLE BUSH 2016!!!!!! Why not?

By Doug Newman – email me
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Posted at Daily Paul.
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Bush 41 gave us:
• Higher taxes
• Bigger government
• $1 trillion in new debt
• Unprovoked war
• Gun-free schools

Bush 43 gave us
• A budget $1 trillion larger than Bill Clinton’s last budget
• $5 trillion in new debt
• No Child Left Behind
• Medicare Part D
• Unprovoked war (All that was necessary after 9/11 was a letter of marque and reprisal.)
• Warrantless searches and spying
• Torture
• Rogue police
• Guilt without trial

Indeed, if you liked Bush 43 you ought to love Obama.

noelle bushIt is not just Obama and Clinton groupies who conveniently ignore the facts about the presidents they like. It is Bush groupies as well. Jeb Bush, 43’s brother, is now being seriously touted for the Republican nomination for president in 2016. He is a chicken hawk who supports Common Core and whose daughter was busted for crack possession.

But this is all lost on legions of Bush groupies across America. All they care about is the fact that his name is Bush and that he is not Hillary.

If this is all they truly care about, why wouldn’t they just get behind nominating Jeb’s daughter Noelle, the one busted for crack possession? She fits their two key criteria.

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He Was Arrested and Had His Car Searched for Marijuana Because He Had Colorado Plates

By Doug Newman – email me
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Posted at Daily Paul.
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You can’t make this stuff up.

The only world in which this makes sense is the post-9/11 world in which you might be a terrorist if you display any of 72 characteristics.

Now, it appears that merely having a Colorado license plate constitutes probable cause to have one’s car searched for marijuana. Read what happened here.

colorado welcome weed

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Graphic: Militarization of American Police

Credit: Joe Wright

Posted at Daily Paul.

militarized police by numbers

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