TSA: What WON’T You Let Your Government Do to You?

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Imagine the following scenario.

It is mid-afternoon on the Wednesday just before Thanksgiving. Some jerk walks into the Atlanta airport, gets his boarding pass and makes his way to the mini-North Korea known as TSA. He hands the blueshirt his boarding pass and driver’s license. He then reaches into his carry-on bag, presses a button and – KABOOOOOOM!!!!!! – kills 2000 people.

tsa-linesAt the same moment, two other jerks are doing the exact same thing at O’Hare and DFW as part of a co-ordinated attack. And not only have more people just died than died on 9/11, but America’s three largest aviation hubs have just experienced massive destruction and air travel everywhere has been severely interrupted.

TSA could not prevent this, just like they could not prevent the fatal shooting of a TSA agent at LAX last year. Terrorism need not happen at 35,000 feet. Indeed, extremely few terror attacks have anything to do with aviation.

TSA does not keep you safe. Period.

However, the American people persist in the notion that it does. And they will tolerate endless violations of their civil liberties and physical bodies in the name of Schutz und Sicherheit.

patriot actIt all started shortly after 9/11 with the passing of the Patriot Act, which ushered in numerous violations on our Fourth Amendment protections against unlawful search and seizure. And most people supported it because, after all, we had to “go after the terrorists.” And, hey, we had to give up our liberty for a time until the crisis passed.

I have to confess that I acquiesced in this for a very short time. Like so many millions of others, I was caught up in the passions of the moment.

But then I started asking: now that the camel’s nose is under the tent, what else are they going to do? And, more importantly, how much more will the American people accept?

Apparently, there is no limit here.

Will we routinely accept the violation of our physical bodies in the name of safety and security? It turns out that we have.

Just consider the passivity with which most people accept “porn, perversion and pedophilia” – I wish I knew who said that first – in the name of “transportation safety”. When you look at a nude photograph of a minor, it is child pornography. If someone else feels you up without your consent, it is sexual assault. (And if anyone did this to me under any other circumstances, it would take about one nanosecond for me to put the wretched little pervert’s teeth on the ground.)

The Nazis didn’t do it. No communist regime ever did it. Yet, in the “land of the free”, being felt up in order to prove one’s innocence is now a condition of travel.

And just look at these tax-mainlining Uncle Ernies.
tsa kids 6 picsAnd if you will let the authorities photograph you naked and feel you up, why wouldn’t you let them violate you even further?

Would you let them catheterize you, like these central Utah police did when looking for marijuana?

Would you let them draw your blood? Read what is happening in Tennessee, Texas and Oregon.

Would you submit to cavity searches, such as those performed in Milwaukee and in Deming, New Mexico?

Would you let them slit your throat and kill you? Police did just this on a drug bust in Huntsville, Alabama. And just as TSA has never caught a terrorist, the cops in this case found no drugs.

“But …… but …… but, they were looking for terrorists and drugs.”

drugs terrorThe wars on drugs and terror are just like any other type of federal overreach. Both come clothed in somebody’s good intention. Both are sold to us in the name of some Higher Good. They always grow bigger and uglier with time. And they always create bigger problems than those they were intended to solve.

Do you want to live in a society when the authorities can invade your body at will and with impunity? Do you want to live in a society where you are constantly required to prove your innocence? A government that will force you to prove your innocence is infinitely more dangerous than any drug or terrorist.

Even more dangerous is a populace that feels protected by such a government. Obama is too good for such a people.

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And the World’s Prison Capital Is … LOUISIANA!!!

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louisiana incarceration rate

Credit: The Week http://ow.ly/yX9Ja

“Friends of Freedom” are being encouraged to attend the Western Conservative Summit in Denver from July 18-20.

jindalFeatured speakers include Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, whose name is being mentioned as a possible presidential contender in 2016.

America has the world’s highest incarceration rate. Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate of any state in America. Indeed, Louisiana has 5 times the incarceration rate of Iran! For the full article and chart, click here.

Remember this if Bobby Jindal runs for president. (Of course his supporters will be in total denial about this, just like everyone who actually thought Mitt Romney was going to repeal Obamacare.)

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If conservatives start missing George W. Bush then the tea party really is dead

Food for the Thinkers:

Outspent Klinton by $1 trillion … $5 trillion in new debt … undeclared, illegal wars … torture … spying … No Child Left Behind … Medicare Part D … DHS and TSA … rogue police … guilt without trial. THIS IS NOT CONSERVATISM!!!!!!

Originally posted on Rare:

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In celebration of his 68th birthday on Sunday, the Republican National Committee website sold t-shirts that read “I Miss W” alongside a picture of George W. Bush

The purpose, obviously, was to fundraise for the RNC.

I hope they didn’t raise one dime.

The best thing to happen to conservatism in the last decade has been the tea party. To remind us why, a brief history lesson is in order.

In 2013, National Journal’s Michael Hirsch chronicled the tea party’s origins and evolution:

(T)he rebellion against Big Government that the tea party has come to embody really began more than a decade ago with a growing sense of betrayal among conservatives over Bush’s runaway-spending habits. Conservatives were angered by his refusal to veto any spending bills, especially in his first term, not to mention what happened during the nearly six years of GOP control of the Senate and House…

View original 603 more words

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America Will Never Have Its Way in the Middle East

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Watch this 2-minute video. Nobody has ever had their way permanently in the Middle East. Empires rise and fall and come and go.

The US is no exception to this rule. When will we get past our hubris and learn from history? When the bill comes due, that’s when. And it won’t be a minute too soon.

And when will Christians turn off Fox News, pick up their Bibles and learn, among other things, that in God’s eyes there are no “exceptional nations”? (Deuteronomy 28; Proverbs 16:18; Isaiah 40:15,17; Revelation 18)


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School Shootings: Beware of “Solutions”

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Our thoughts and prayers need to go out to all affected by the recent fatal shooting at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon. However, let us always in moments like this always beware of government “solutions”.

A few observations:

My high school. Credit: rumson.patch.com

My high school. Credit: rumson.patch.com

• I graduated from high school in 1979. In those days, you never saw a police officer or “resource officer” on campus. School lock downs were absolutely unthinkable. And you never heard of a school shooting. Indeed, there were a grand total of two school shootings in that academic year.
• Our “psych med” in 1979 was marijuana. The psychotropic medications that have been a common denominator in almost every mass shooting in recent years had not yet been developed.
• “Gun-free schools” did not become federal law until 1990, and were signed into law by a Republican president. All “gun-free” means is “nobody is going to shoot back”.
77 million students are enrolled in educational institutions in America. In the last 12 months, there have been 46 shootings and 28 fatalities. Switzerland only wishes it could have such a low murder rate.
• There are, on average, 40 murders per day in America. Why are school shootings given so much more media coverage than non-school murders?

Credit: CDC

Credit: CDC

• Violent crimes are down significantly in the last two decades. This is largely attributable to the relaxation of laws regarding carrying of weapons. Bad guys are a lot less reckless as they never know who might be packing a gat.

  • In 2010, about 26,000 people aged 10-24 died of various causes. Only seven of them died in school shootings. Hence, this is totally unnecessary.
  • To this day, the bloodiest school massacre ever occurred in Bath, Michigan, in 1927. Andrew Kehoe detonated explosives outside the school killing 44 people and injuring 58 others. No guns were involved. And this was at a time when you could by Tommy Guns in the Sears catalog.
  • You can turn schools into mini-Alcatrazes and still not protect students and teachers from being killed. You don’t have to carry a gun or any other implement of destruction into a building in order to kill a lot of people. Can anyone here say Tim McVeigh?
  • In the recent aftermath of three bomb threats at Wantagh High School on Long Island, school authorities sealed all lockers and banned backpacks on campus. No this does not protect anyone. Why not? See the above bullet point.
  • You can also do a lot of damage with a knife. Consider what happened at this community college near Houston and this high school near Pittsburgh.
Undeterred by gun laws.

Undeterred by gun laws.

• And please don’t tell me how the survivors and family members of those killed by gun violence feel about gun control. It is extremely arrogant to speak for other people. In the aftermath of Columbine: Tom Mauser, who lost a son on that horrible day supports more gun control while Darryl Scott, who lost a daughter that horrible day, opposes more gun control. John Green, who lost his daughter in the Tucson supermarket shooting, says “we don’t need any more restrictions on our society”.
• And yes, I myself have lost two friends to gun violence.
• To paraphrase Mark Twain, there are lies, damned lies and gun control statistics.

Utopia will never happen. There are lots of things I would love to see eradicated from this world. However, whenever you clamor for more laws in order to prevent future tragedies, you entrust your safety and security to the most dangerous, murderous entity in human history: the state.
gun problem heart problem

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These Police State Measures Would Not Have Stopped Tim McVeigh

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For the last few years, I have been blogging here about how TSA does not protect you from terrorism and how school lockdowns do not keep students safe.

wantagh hs newsdayNor do the security measures recently implemented at Wantagh High School on Long Island.

According to WCBS TV in New York:

Wantagh High School has banned backpacks and put other restrictions in place after school officials said a series of bomb threats were made against the school in recent weeks.

The new rules went into effect Tuesday and officials said they will remain in effect for the rest of the school year.

According to a letter from Superintendent of Schools Maureen Goldberg posted on the district’s website, no backpacks or large bags will be allowed inside the school.

In addition, all books and personal belongings must be kept in a clear bag and all bags will be checked as students enter the school in the morning and when returning to the building after lunch.

Restroom access will also be limited, Goldberg said. Students needing to use the bathroom will need to sign in and out, officials said.

While they are at it, why don’t the Wantagh authorities install naked body scanners on campus and implement random pat-downs? I mean, like, they could catch potential bombers.

FEDERAL BUILDINGYou don’t have to carry a gun or a bomb into a building in order to kill a lot of people. All that needs to happen is for some Tim McVeigh copycat wannabe to park a truck outside the school, detonate a bomb and kill a whole lot of people.

The entire “security” apparatus that has grown up in the last decade in America may make some people feel safe. However, it does not keep us safe at all.

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Infographic: The Past and Future of Drones in the U.S.

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I would add one thing here: the 1985 MOVE bombing by police in Philadelphia.

move fireBy anyone’s reckoning, the members of the MOVE commune were a very bad bunch. However, nothing they did justified the response by Philadelphia police. When Philly’s Phinest decided they had had enough, they called in the Pennsylvania State Police, who dropped 2 bombs from a helicopter. The ensuing fire killed 11 people, including 5 children, and destroyed 60 homes.

We hear about this frequently in the Middle East, where America justifies drones that drop bombs that kill dozens of people and inflict massive collateral damage in order “to get the bad guy.” If they will do it in Yemen, why wouldn’t they do it here at home?

They already have.

Also, please read how drones have been used in domestic law enforcement against a rancher in North Dakota.
This is a very informative graphic. It was originally posted here.

drones history


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