Let’s Ban All Immigration from Belgium as Well as All Waffles!

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This is it: America has officially lost its mind.

One of the suspects in the Paris terror attacks is a Syrian refugee. Hence, there is a massive push to block – or at least severely restrict – all immigration by Syrian refugees.

Why limit these restrictions to Syrian refugees?

Let’s look at the demographics of all the suspects. We see Frenchmen and Algerians. Let’s ban all further immigration from France and Algeria! And let’s impose stiff fines on anyone who doesn’t call French fries “freedom fries”. It’s time to get serious.

And the mastermind is Belgian. So let’s ban all future immigration from Belgium.

And all waffles too!

We can’t be too careful.

And in all future crimes, let’s look at the demographics of the suspects and impose immigration bans accordingly.

If, for instance, the suspected perp is an unmarried man, let’s ban all future immigration by unmarried men.

Oh, wait. Let’s not. I am an unmarried man.

It is always easy to demand that your government “do something” as long as they do it to someone else.

Our new guiding philosophy of government: if it sounds good, do it!

Lord, when’s The Big Rock gonna hit?

And they call Alex Jones paranoid.freak out run like hell


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Just Because Your Candidate is a Businessman Doesn’t Mean He Understands Economics

By Doug Newman – email me here.
Here I am on Facebook.
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Source: goldseek.com

Source: goldseek.com

“I’d rather have _________ in office because he has a business background and he understands economics.”

How often have we heard people say this?

If anything, it is just one more way conning people who say they support individual liberty into voting away their freedom.

Success in business does not require a knowledge of economics. One can make a lot of money cutting deals with politicians. Huge profits can be made off government activity or by enlisting the government to act on your behalf.

Consider just a few recent political heavy hitters who had “business backgrounds”.

  • George W. Bush was the only president ever with an MBA – from Harvard, no less. And yet he outspent Bill Clinton by $1 trillion per year and added $5 trillion to the debt. He gave us the TARP bailout and Medicare Part D, which was a massive lurch in the direction of Obamacare.
  • Mitt Romney – also a Harvard MBA – was touted for his business background at Bain Capital. Yet, while governor of Massachusetts, he signed off on the nation’s first health insurance mandate. He also supported the TARP bailout as well as increasing the minimum wage.
  • Donald Trump supports universal healthcare, higher tariffs on imports from China and Mexico, and has given numerous donations to Democrat politicians including Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Among the numerous evils inherent in his proposed roundup of illegal immigrants is endless harassment of all businesses. And read here how Trump is “the ultimate crony capitalist”, who has repeatedly used government at various levels to crowd out his competitors.
  • Until recently, Carly Fiorina supported an individual mandate on health insurance. And how many billions of dollars in government contracts did Hewlett-Packard have when she was CEO?
  • Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan would have increased taxes for millions of Americans.
  • Dozens of millionaire and billionaire owners of professional sports franchises have lobbied successfully to raise taxes to build their stadiums.
Source: ollie.neglerio.com

Source: ollie.neglerio.com

  • The medical-industrial complex – i.e. insurance and pharmaceutical companies – have spent hundreds of millions of dollars lobbying to implement Obamacare. They are also the biggest opponents of medical marijuana as it heals so many maladies cheaper and faster, thus cutting into their profits.
  • It wasn’t the Occupiers or Ferguson marchers who put Obama in office. Rather, it was business people on Wall Street and Madison Avenue and in Hollywood. These same people are now doing everything they can to put Hillary in the Oval Office.
  • And, yes, look at these rich business people who support Bernie Sanders.
  • Conservatives always insist that they support free enterprise and loathe government education. However, whenever a new school is built, it is built by “private sector” construction firms. The same goes for all government buildings.
  • Warfare, unless it is purely defensive, is just like welfare: it is a ruinously expensive big government program. The real reason that wars go on forever has nothing to do with scary looking brown guys who are hell bent on bringing sharia law to Sioux Falls and burqas to South Beach. Rather, wars go on forever because war makes a lot of people wealthy. As Major General Smedley Butler, who served for 33 years in the Marine Corps winning, among numerous other things, two Medals of Honor, so succinctly put it, “war is a racket”.
  • These folks are all successful businessmen: Ted Turner, Larry Flynt, Michael Bloomberg, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper as well as the Wall Street and Detroit executives have taken bailout money over the years. Do you want any of them as dog catcher, let alone president?
Source: heartland.org

Source: heartland.org

You’ll have to do a whole lot better than “he’s a businessman who understands economics” if you want to convince me to support your candidate. Very often, successful business people know as much about economics as does Bernie Sanders. However, they are very skilled at using the machinery of government to squelch their competition.

If you are still struggling here, just remember the words of a friend of mine: “The great game of politics comes down to this: the rich and powerful want to stay that way.”

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Politicians’ Lives Matter … i.e. Their Personal Lives

By Doug Newman – email me here.
Here I am on Facebook.
Posted at Popular Liberty and Reddit.
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Do politicians’ personal lives matter? Or are scandals arising from personal behavior mere distractions to keep us from paying attention to “the real issues”?

Politicians’ personal lives absolutely matter. If they say that the masses ought to live a certain way, then they themselves need to live that way. We need to pay very careful attention to how those who rule us or desire to rule us live. And if their actions and lifestyles run contrary to their rhetoric we need to expose this hypocrisy and withdraw our support. This applies regardless of party affiliation.

Credit: www.bloodthirstyliberal.com
Remember Ted Kennedy, who inherited millions of dollars and never really had to do an honest day’s work in his life? And yet he wanted to tax us all into the pavement. He was just the tip of the iceberg of “limousine liberalism”. If these people will not part with their wealth, why should anyone else? And why should anyone vote for a person like this for so much as dog catcher?

Credit: Houraney.com

If a politician supports gun control and yet travels with armed security guards, this needs to be exposed. How come he gets to defend himself, but we don’t? Again, why would anyone vote for such a hypocrite?

Credit: sodahead.com

If an environmentalist politician lives an extravagant lifestyle and leaves an extensive carbon footprint, this needs to be exposed. If he will not go on Amish mode himself, why should we? And why should anyone vote for such a hypocrite?

Credit: sodahead.com

If a politician smoked marijuana in his past and didn’t go to jail, this too needs to be exposed. If he didn’t go to jail, why should any of us proles? And why would anyone vote for such a hypocrite?

(And if such a politician’s daughter only had to serve 10 days for crack possession, that definitely needs to be exposed and hammered at relentlessly. Not only is this a case of “Chappaquiddick justice, it ought to show for all time that the Drug War is a monumental failure.)

Credit: sodahead.com

If a politician froths at the mouth for war 24/7, the very first thing you need to do is examine his military record, if such a thing even exists. And if he won’t spill his blood in the wars which he thinks are so groovy, why should a bunch of kids from the South Bronx and the Oklahoma Panhandle? Why do so many people insist on voting for such people?

Credit: businessinsider.com

And if a politician violates his marriage vows, i.e. the most solemn vows he will ever make, he will lie about anything and cannot be trusted at all. Adultery is not limited to a particular party. We know that Bill Clinton cheated on Hillary numerous times. And yet so many “social conservatives” have supported known adulterers like John McCain, Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani for president. The list of D.C. adulterers is endless.

Jesus told us – Matthew 7:20 – that we shall know people “by their fruits”. People in general should be seen and not heard. This is especially true for those who would nanomanage our lives without end. We need to be especially watchful of their deeds. And if their deeds do not match their words, we should not support them.

But aren’t I engaging in unnecessary personal attacks here? No. Consider the endless number of laws and regulations these people use to have us fined, jailed or killed. Since they intrude on our personal lives without end, we MUST keep a very careful eye on their personal lives if we wish to retain for ourselves any measure of individual liberty.

And if we don’t very carefully vet politicians we like, why should we be surprised when other people don’t very carefully vet politicians they like?

We get upset with hypocrites in our day-to-day lives. Why don’t we get just as upset with hypocrites in the political realm … regardless of their party?

But we need good people in office. I can’t say I disagree. But if there are simply no good options for these offices, what is the big deal? Why are we so frantic and desperate to be ruled that we will disregard all common sense, consistency and morality just so we can have a boot on our necks?

The timing on this was perfect. Excellent article about hyper drug warrior and draft dodger Joe Biden. However, it neglects to mention that, other than being discharged from the Naval Reserve for testing positive for cocaine, his son Hunter suffered no other punishment.

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Are Cops Always Right 24/7/365?

“The human capacity for harming other humans is directly proportionate to the power wielded by some humans over other humans.”

Give a president unlimited power and all hell breaks loose – this includes presidents you may like.

Give any government official unlimited power and all hell breaks loose – this includes those government officials you may like.

Why is it that so many who are properly outraged by a rogue president are oh so nonchalant about giving unlimited power to cops? Do these people think that cops are always right 24/7/365?

And if the cops can search your car without a warrant, why can’t they search you too? Strip searches and more right on the spot! I mean, like, you had to have done something wrong or they would have left you alone.

The New Jersey Supreme Court recently authorized a very dangerous step in this direction.

God, I hope this is overturned.

You can read the full article by Eric Peters here.

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Why Can’t I Be So Succinct?

“Honestly. Its aggravating to watch everyone run to the talking points and predisposed world views they imbibe from their brand of political television or talk radio. Critical thinking and problem solving skill are in short supply these days.” ~ Earl Bandy

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We Have to Deport All the Illegals So We Can Find Out What It Will Mean in Real Life

By Doug Newman – email me
Here I am on Facebook.
Posted at Popular Liberty and Reddit.
If you would like to post this elsewhere, please just link to this URL as I update many of my articles rather frequently.

In early March, 2010, conservatives were very properly outraged when then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, with regard to Obamacare, “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”.

Very recently, conservatives have been quick to point out that Vermont Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ “free” benefits will cost $18 trillion.

Conservatives do very well when explaining why gun control doesn’t stop crime, minimum wage laws hurt the poor and minorities and Obamacare has made healthcare dramatically more expensive.

Yet they fail to apply the same scrutiny to their own favorite government programs. They are in absolute denial that the drug war has given “the land of the free” the world’s highest incarceration rate or that the wars for empire that they so endlessly glorify have resulted in the deaths of countless thousands of innocents and are, hence, not “pro-life.”

Credit: imgur.com/gallery/dAeNi4IComes now the current front runner for the 2016 Republican nomination Donald Trump and his proposal to deport all illegal aliens over a 2-year period.

(Trump is not the only candidate to have totally come off the leash on the immigration issue. Former candidate Scott Walker would consider sealing both the Mexican and Canadian borders; Chris Christie wants to track foreign visitors just like FedEx tracks packages; Ben Carson would launch drone strikes on border tunnels.)

I asked a Facebook group what a mass deportation would look like in real life, and got the following responses:

DS: “Something like the Trail of Tears.”
NH: “Something like the mass incarceration of Japanese during World War 2.”
MB: “Did you ever see ‘The Diary of Anne Frank?’ Did you ever see ‘The Hiding Place’?”

Does anyone think that mass deportation would happen without reckless disregard for everyone’s civil liberties? Does anyone think that it would not entail total violation of the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and, possibly, the Third Amendments?

Does anyone seriously think that mass deportation would happen without general warrants – as opposed to the Fourth Amendment’s requirement of specific warrants? Without widespread disregard for the presumption of innocence? Without heavy-handed federal intrusion on American employers and landlords?

While we are on the subject of “solutions”, does anyone seriously think that border walls would never be used to keep the American people in? Does anyone seriously think E-Verify would just be limited to verifying employment eligibility?

Jeffrey Tucker of the Foundation for Economic Education knocks it into the cheap seats here: “Meanwhile, this is a huge debate among people who otherwise swear fealty to ‘limited government.’ Many people who claim to want freedom seem to have no problem with the implications of a closed-border policy: national IDs, national work permits, non-stop surveillance, harassment of all businesses, a ‘papers please’ culture, mass deportation, tens of billions in waste, bureaucrats wrecking the American dream, broken families, the rights of Americans and foreigners transgressed at every turn.”

All of these would be implications of any mass deportation program.

George Will, who is certainly no libertarian, also went yard when he wrote the following: “When asked whether the forced deportation of 11 million illegal immigrants — almost as many people as passed through Ellis Island in 60 years — might take five or even 10 years, Trump scoffed: “Really good management” will get this done in at most two years. To meet a two-year deadline, his “management” wizardry will have to quickly produce a network of informers to assist at least 100,000 new law enforcement officers equipped with battering rams and bloodhounds.”

About which, R.H. said the following on Facebook: “Eleven million human beings identified, rounded up, placed in a staging facility and then deported. Would the humans be deported to the countries they originated from? What would become of the United States Citizens that are the children of the deportees? What would happen to the deportees if the country of origin refused them entry?”

And, as I pointed out recently, I am one-quarter Jewish, so Hitler would have come after me in Germany. And I wear glasses, so Pol Pot would have come after me in Cambodia. Whenever someone proposes “going after” this or that demographic, I start to squirm.

Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution authorizes Uncle Sam to “establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization”, i.e. to make the rules about who may become a citizen. I am good with that as I don’t want interlopers voting here. (And I have no business voting any place where I have not lived for a prescribed amount of time.)

The word “immigration” appears nowhere in the Constitution – nor does any variant on this word. Hence, Uncle Sam has no power to regulate immigration. Indeed, there were no immigration laws in America until the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882.

Indeed, no one was clamoring for a wall to keep immigrants out until no very long ago. If we didn’t “need a wall” then, why do we all of a sudden “need” one now?

And, no, the Bill of Rights makes no distinction between citizens and non-citizens. The government can no more arbitrarily deny its protections to suspected illegal immigrants that it can to you or to me.

friedman borders welfare“So what’s your solution?” Well, as a libertarian, I don’t believe in “solutions” as they are utopian in nature and therefore fraught with immense peril. Instead, I prefer to think in terms of approaches.

There is no right to come here and have “free” housing, schooling, healthcare, etc. Turn off this tap and those who are leeching off Uncle Sugar will self-deport. Most of the problem would take care of itself in pleasantly short order.

“But what about crimes committed by illegal aliens?” See the Second Amendment. (Violent crime rates in America have dropped substantially over the last few decades. Did illegals cause this? No. But they have not caused an increase in crime either.)

“But what about Sharia law?” See Article 6, Section 2 of the Constitution. Let’s start impeaching judges who issue rulings based on anything other than the Constitution. How often do judicial impeachments happen in America? Almost never. They need to happen almost daily.

Al Gore was at least forthright enough to call his environmental policy recommendations “inconvenient”. Right-wingers need to start acknowledging the inconveniences that  accompany their favorite government policies. They are just as susceptible to utopianism as liberals.

Conservatives claim to be six-pack-ab constitutionalists, and yet are just as prone as liberals to totally ignore the Constitution when it stands in the way of their agenda. Truly rigid adherence to the Constitution would result in an immeasurably freer and more peaceful society.

It has been said that while a truly free society would not be the best imaginable society, it would be the best possible society. We should try it sometime.

From Reason.com: Trump’s Operation Police State
From Newsweek: Donald Trump’s Mass-Deportation Plan Means Making the United States a Police State

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The Pope and Abe Lincoln

This … this … THIS! by Thomas DiLorenzo.

Oh, and the Emancipation Proclamation did not free a single slave as Lincoln had no jurisdiction in the sovereign nation that was the Confederate States of America.

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