Report: U.S. Police Killed More People in One Month Than British Police Did in the 20th Century

Were some killings by U.S. cops in self-defense? Certainly. However, this statistic really ought to rattle your cage.

Credit: Liberty Crier

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Whose Rights Come First? Yours Or Mine? (Letter to the Editor from 1997)

By Doug Newman
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Published in part in The Denver Rocky Mountain News on July 12, 1997.


Welcome-to-Indiana-3x2-555x370Living in a free society requires us to tolerate non-violent behavior which we may find unacceptable. It does not require that we condone such behavior, much less that we allow ourselves to be body slammed when we refuse to permit it on our property.

This is the distinction which eight Supreme Court justices failed to make when they rejected an appeal by Evelyn Smith, an unsuspecting California landlord, who claimed that state fair housing laws violated her Christian beliefs by requiring her to rent to unmarried couples. Such laws interfere with both religious freedom and property rights, both of which are guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

I have no clue as to Mrs. Smith’s political leanings. For all I know, she may be as political as Kermit the Frog. She may well believe that laws against cohabitation are frivolous, superficial, and unenforceable. She simply disapproved of unmarried couples playing house refused to rent her property to such a couple. The penalty for this mundane decision was ten years of litigation ending in a decision which showed reckless disregard for the First, Fifth, and Ninth Amendments.

The scope of any right is, of necessity, limited by other considerations and, often, other rights. Mrs. Smith did not forcibly stop this couple from seeking another place to shack up. As a property owner, she has a right to decide what happens on her property. People routinely forbid smoking, drinking alcohol, and other legal activities in their homes. They pose no threat to anyone’s freedom. They are simply saying “do it elsewhere.”

John Stuart Mill wrote of the marketplace of ideas. We need to start thinking in terms of a marketplace of rights. While we may not condone their decisions, let us be tolerant of those people will not allow their homes, businesses, churches, and private organizations to be used for activities which they deem objectionable.

Douglas Newman

Great Article: I Don’t Believe in Religious Freedom by Pastor Larry Beane.

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Jesus of Nazareth, Enemy of the State, Executed for Treason

By Jerry Bowyer

“Jesus of Nazareth was executed today on the orders of the Roman State. Method of execution: Crucifixion. The charge under Roman law was treason, and under Herodian law blasphemy against the Temple. The evidence against this anarchist was so strong that authorities of both the Roman State and the Kingdom of Herod concurred with the arrest and execution, and he was subjected to trial by both governments. And in a rare uprising of spontaneous collective justice, the mass of people who were gathered for Passover called for his execution as well. The mob affirmed their loyalty to the state, chanting, ‘We have no king but Caesar.’” Read entire article here.

“And they began to accuse him, saying, We found this fellow perverting the nation, and forbidding to give tribute to Cæsar, saying that he himself is Christ a King.” – Luke 23:2

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Why a Christian Should Not Vote

By Christine Smith

I’ll have everyone know that I am not in full agreement. However, this article is extremely thought provoking.

It’s everywhere: analysis of Christian voters and where their loyalty will be in the voting booth, what will the “Christian left” and “Christian right” do, along with tons of various denominational messages such as advocating prayer for God’s intervention in the upcoming presidential election.

One thing is obvious, I can tell who their loyalty is NOT with – and that’s God.

Those who have secularized God have done a terrific propaganda campaign, so much so most of you think you are doing God’s will by voting and otherwise trying to influence government. To read the full article, please click here.

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How Did the Apostles Work to Influence Their Society?

adin ballou

I had never heard of Adin Ballou until I read this the other day. Yes, he was a socialist and a utopian. However, he made this exceptionally profound statement about how the Apostles worked to influence their society.

“What was the practice of the Apostles, after the resurrection of Christ, when fully ensued with power and grace from on high? Did they ever slay any human being? Ever threaten to do so? Ever make use of any deadly weapon? Ever serve in the Army or Navy of any nation, state, or chieftan? Ever seek or accept any office, legislative, judicial, or executive, under existing governments of their day? Ever make complaint to the magistrates against any offender or criminal, in order to produce his punishment? Ever commence any prosecution at law to obtain redress of grievances? Ever apply to the civil or military authority to protect them by force of arms when in imminent danger? Or ever counsel others to do anyone of these acts? Did they ever express, by word or deed, their reliance on political, military, or penal power to secure personal protection, or to carry forward the Christianization of the world? I answer confidently,  NO.”

Wise words for any time, especially one like this when pandering politicians everywhere exhort us to “take America back for Christ”.

But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them. But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister; and whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant: even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many. ~ Matthew 20:25-28

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“But Vinzant Was a Bad Guy”… That Doesn’t Justify a Cop Killing Him

By Doug Newman
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Naeschylus Vinzant was nobody’s angel. His rap sheet, which dated back to 1994, included arrests for attempted homicide, assault and felony menacing. In August 2014, he was arrested on a domestic violence case on suspicion of assault, theft and violating parole.

He was out on parole again on Friday March 6, and was wanted for violating the terms of that parole. This was when Vinzant, who was unarmed, was fatally shot by Aurora Police officer Paul Jerothe.

It has been two weeks now, and the Aurora Police Department has offered no explanation as to why it was necessary for Jerothe to kill Vinzant. Why? (Here is their Facebook post naming Jerothe as the killer. And here is their only other update on the episode.)

Had someone other than a member of the punitive priesthood been accused of taking Vinzant’s life, he would have been apprehended immediately and shamed relentlessly by the media. However, Jerothe’s status as a police officer evidently affords him special immunity.

According to the Denver Post:

“Investigators allowed officer Paul Jerothe six days to ‘decompress’ before talking to police about the killing of Naeschylus Vinzant. ‘He needed time to process what happened,’ said Jerothe’s attorney, Marc Colin.”

In the words of one of my favorite philosophers, Matt Foley, “Well LA-DEE FRIGGIN’ DAA!” Oh that a non-cop should have the luxuries of “decompressing” and “processing.”

And then the Post, which is almost always wrong, asks a most pungent question:

“Would investigators in any other deadly shooting allow a suspected shooter to wait so long before talking to police?”

The Aurora Sentinel is the only other local media outlet to have asked any serious questions of the Aurora PD in this matter.

Again, why was Vinzant shot and killed?

And, yes, I know that Vinzant had an extensive criminal record. But that isn’t good enough. None of his priors, many of which were very ugly, constituted a reason to kill him. What specific act did he commit on March 6 near the corner of 12th and Memphis in Aurora that would prompt Jerothe to fatally shoot him?

In 1993, Aurora police did not see the need to shoot and kill Nathan Dunlap on the spot when they arrested him in connection with the Chucky Cheese killings.

In 2011, Aurora police did not see the need to shoot and kill Eric Holloway and Tiffany Ward when they arrested them in connection with the fatal shooting of a teenage boy 400 feet from my front door.

aurora-theater-nytexaminer. jpg


In 2012, Aurora police did not see the need to shoot and kill James Holmes on the spot when they arrested him in connection with the theater shooting.

In 2013, Aurora police did not see the need to shoot and kill Isabella Guzman on the spot when they arrested her in connection with – oh, this is Mansonesque – stabbing her mother 79 times thus killing her just a few blocks from my house.

(3 of these tragedies happened in my immediate neighborhood. And I lost a friend of many years in the theater shooting.)

Google “police brutality” sometime. You will find endless examples all over America. And go to YouTube and do a search for “police brutality”. You will likewise find endless examples. It is absolutely epidemic.

And there are millions of Americans who are either in total denial about this or are just so slavishly devoted to the police as to give them a free pass no matter what.

As one person commenting on this article put it: “I don’t understand why there is an issue here. The officer was doing his job.” I heard the sentiments of millions of people when I read this.

NO! The officer WAS NOT doing his job! The job of the police is to apprehend violent offenders, not to summarily execute them. If the death penalty should ever be imposed – that is another topic – it should only be after due process for the defendant has been meticulously applied.



And if a cop should ever wield deadly force against a suspect he had damn well better be able to demonstrate that such force was necessary in self-defense.

And if he can’t do this, he should not be able to hide behind his badge and blue uniform.

I don’t “hate cops”. When they apprehend violent offenders, we should applaud them. When they direct traffic at accident scenes and around sporting events, we should thank them. But when they violate people’s rights, they need to be punished personally just like you or I would be. Badges, blue uniforms and doughnut Joneses don’t confer special privileges.

And the American people need to start realizing this and insisting that police be held to the same standards as everyone else. If we don’t, we should not be surprised when so many other segments of the government act so recklessly. Indeed, reckless government is exactly what America deserves.

Update: Jeffco prosecutors deciding whether to charge Jerothe.

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Christian Theologian Demoted For Preaching Peace

Food for the Thinkers:

Turn off FAUX News, most political talk radio and most talk radio that calls itself Christian. Pick up your Bible and read the words of Jesus Christ. There is no scriptural basis whatsoever for believing that Jesus would be unconditionally on America’s side.

Originally posted on Believers vs Non-Believers:


On Tuesday, February 10th, Dr. Randy Beckum addressed students at MidAmerica Nazarene University’s regular chapel service. His message was in response to two films which have recently made headlines around the world; American Sniper and Selma. Dr. Beckum, who also serves as the University’s Chaplain and was the Vice-President of Community Formation, questioned the prevalent culture surrounding “Christians” in the United States which champions a killer above a preacher who taught non-violence.

You can read the manuscript of Dr. Randy Beckum’s full sermon here.

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