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A Quick Note to the Founders

By Doug Newman – email: Here I am on Facebook.If you would like to post this elsewhere, please link to this URL: To the Founders, We don’t deserve you. On this day in 1776, you put your names on a … Continue reading

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Nearly 80 Links In One BLOG Post To Educate Yourself From Experts On Covid “Jab” Fake “Vaccine” From Big Pharma To Kill You Or Maim You For Life! Pfizer, Astra Zeneca and Moderna Get Billions In U.S. Tax $ !!!

Originally posted on Touch Stone Connect:
Camera Surveillance Looking For The Unvaccinated In A Two Tier Society! Only 1% of all adverse reactions get reported! Covid 19 Vaccine – deadliest vaccine in U.S. history HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. Covid “Jab” terminates 4 of…

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Covid vaxx side effects: isolated incidents #47,251 & #47,252

This is horrifying. Don’t take the jabberwocky.

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